Too Hot To Handle trick cast into believing they’re appearing on a totally different show

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The cast of the second series of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle have shared how they were tricked into believing that they were signing up for a totally different series.

Not only did they not know that they would be entering the luxury villa where any physical contact starts eating into the cash prize, but they actually thought they had signed up to a raucous party programme where hooking up was actively encouraged.

In our exclusive interview with this year’s contestants Emily, Cam and Larissa, the trio told us that producers went the extra mile to make their cover-up story believable – and that they fell for it hook, line and sinker.

27-year-old Brit model Emily told us: “I had no idea it was Too Hot to Handle. We got told it was Parties in Paradise.”

She continued: “The premise of the show was drinking, hooking up, and half naked people walking around so I was like, ‘yep! I’m all over that!’”

Welsh contestant, 24, Cam added: “None of us knew it was Too Hot to Handle. They had a good cover up.”

While Larissa, a 27-year-old lawyer from New Zealand, went into the specific details, explaining that the show bosses even had merchandise to make them think the fake show was real.

Larissa revealed: ““They had a fake host, t-shirts, caps, lanyards. From picking us up from the airport all the way through to our first interviews and profile shoots.”

She added: “They did a really good job of tricking us!”

It only dawned on the stars when they had moved into the villa and virtual assistant Lana – who viewers will recognise from the first series – broke the bombshell news that absolutely no physical contact was allowed.

They were also given strict instructions that if any of the singletons locked lips – or more – they’d start to see their $100,000 cash prize decrease at a startling rate.

And their reaction was priceless as it became clear that their summer was going to be the complete opposite of what they’d planned.

Speaking about the big reveal, Cam explained: “I’d seen the show so I knew exactly what it was.”

“As soon as Lana popped up, I was like, ‘This is not what I came here for! I did not come here for therapy and a celibacy challenge.’”

Too Hot To Handle starts on Netflix on the 23rd June, with final episodes streaming on the platform from 30th June

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