Too Hot to Handle stars Nicole O’Brian and Chloe Veitch are moving in together

The cast of Netflix‘s Too Hot to Handle might have had to pay out chunks of their prize money after being unable to resist each other on the reality show, which lowered their jackpot every time they were intimate with each other, but it sounds like they are putting the rest of the cash to good use by moving in together! Chatting to Metro, Nicole O’Brian revealed that most of the group are now best of pals, and is even planning on moving in with Chloe Veitch and Lydia Clyma. 

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She explained: “Straight after filming we set up a WhatsApp group and it’s called Lana Is Bae. We’re writing on that every day. We all keep in contact, the majority of us… Me and Lydia are very close and me and Chloe are joined at the hip and we’re hoping to move in together and everything.” She added that while the group chat on WhatsApp all the time, a certain contestant only briefly wrote anything.

The cast are still close friends

“There’s one person who’s only written into it twice; Haley,” Nicole explained. “Other than that, we’re super close.” Haley struggled with her time on the show and ended up being kicked out of the resort by the show’s AI monitor Lana after having only made friends with Francesca. Chloe recently shared a snap of herself with Nicole, confirming that they had remained close following the show. She captioned the Instagram post: “My gorgeous baby girl. Can’t wait for many nights out on the town after this!!! See you after quarantine.” 

Speaking about how the show had changed her, she told Esquire: “I think for me as a person, I’m always going to be flirtatious. However, since we have left the villa, I have definitely changed as a person in terms of dating, respecting myself. The challenges we were put through were so thought through, and I loved every minute of it.” 

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