Tipping Point blasted by ITV viewers as contestants breeze through 'easiest questions on any game show'

TIPPING Point was blasted by ITV viewers as contestants breeze through with the "easiest questions on any game show".

Player Richard managed to build up over £2000 by the second round of the penny machine game show.

He manged to get five questions correct before running out of time – but fans were quick to point out an incredibly easy question about the alphabet.

Host Ben Shephard asked Richard: "What is the penultimate letter of the English alphabet?"

Richard of course answered "Y" – which led to many fans to complain about how easy the question was.

One Tipping Point fan said: "What is the penultimate the letter of the alphabet??? Who writes these questions??? FFS"

A second remarked: "“What is the penultimate letter of the alphabet?” Are you joking me, ITV?!"

A third added: "Easiest questions on a quiz show ever today #TippingPoint"

Richard ended up beating his competition Alice, John and Grace and made it through to the final round.

He already made £3,500 – but taking the £10,000 looked unlucky with the jackpot token in the corner.

Richard ended up leaving with his £3,500.

However, along the way Alice managed to infuriate viewers by failing to answer how many hours are there in a day correctly.

She answered with "96" – when obviously the answer is "48".

One viewer said: "How many hours in two full days? Er 96! Jesus Christ how do people not know this"

A second tweeted: "2 days = 96 hours Is Grace living on a different planet #tippingpoint"

A third remarked: "96 hours = 2 days? I suppose in these crazy times I could see why she gave that answer!"

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