The Tower: Gemma Whelan details love-hate relationship with co-star F**king unbearable

The Tower: ITV release trailer for new police drama series

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The Tower is a gripping three-part ITV drama which has been adapted from the first series of detective novels by Kate London. The drama follows Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins (played by Gemma Whelan) as she investigates the sudden deaths of a police officer and teenager who fall off a London tower block. Ahead of the series landing, Gemma candidly detailed her “love-hate” relationship with co-star Emmett Scanlan.

Gemma, 40, is taking on the lead role in The Tower to investigate the deaths of a veteran beat cop and a teenage girl. 

However, her investigation is made infinitely more difficult when the key witness – rookie police officer Lizzie Adama (Tahirah Sharif) – vanishes hours after the incident. 

Detective Inspector Kieran Shaw (Emmett Scanlan) is Lizzie’s boss who soon establishes a difficult relationship with investigating officer DS Collins. 

Ahead of the show’s ITV debut, Gemma spoke to and other publications about her “love-hate” relationship with Emmett. 

Gemma, who is perhaps best known for portraying Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, explained: “I found myself reacting as Gemma to Kieran sometimes, it was incredibly frustrating because I just hated his character. 

“I found him brilliant because he gave me so much to react to. 

“It was a love-hate relationship [with him] because I would be thrilled at the push we both had against each other. 

“But as Gemma, I thought, ‘Oh, this man’s f*****g unbearable.’ It really served us I think and it was really good. 

“And as soon as it was cut I thought it was [good] and we had a lot of fun.”

Emmett added: “We had a lot of fun in between takes and in between scenes and we carried that kind of love-hate relationship into our Whatsapp group.” 

Opening up on parts of his character which he didn’t like, Emmett said: “Look, there are aspects of people that you like and dislike. 

“There are aspects of myself that I like and dislike. It’s part of being human. 

“You can’t let those aspects turn you off or distract you from telling the story.”

The 42-year-old Irish actor said he tried not to compare himself to other people when taking on a role. 

“I accept what it is when I’m reading it and then I play what’s in front of me basically,” he added. 

“When I read this it was so different to anything else I’d done so I really warmed to that. 

“I loved the writing and its fluidity and I loved that The Tower is based on a series of novels written by Kate London.”

In the first episode of the ITV series, DS Collins is called to an incident in Portland Tower in south-east London. 

At the bottom of the tower, they find the dead bodies of a long-serving police officer and a 15-year-old Libyan refugee.

On the roof, Collins finds a traumatised five-year-old boy and a rookie police officer, PC Adama – the only witnesses to what happened. 

The storyline then takes many more dark twists and turns as the episode unfolds. 

The Tower airs on ITV from Monday to Wednesday at 9pm.

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