The Restaurant That Burns Off Calories sparks uproar

Fred Sirieix and Zoe Williams’ new BBC programme The Restaurant That Burns Off Calories has sparked uproar online with an eating disorder charity also warning anyone with an eating disorder to avoid tuning in.

The show, which aired tonight, saw the First Dates star and This Morning’s resident doctor welcome 20 unsuspecting diners for a slap-up meal before revealing there was an on-site gym where a group of fitness fanatics were poised ready to burn off every single calorie ordered and consumed by the diners.

This hour-long episode was based on the latest scientific research, which suggests that when we are shown the astonishing amount of exercise required to remove excess calories from our bodies, we choose to eat up to 20% less.

Fred and Zoe also delved into the science of calories, including why we need them and why we are collectively eating more than we are burning, a situation which has left nearly two-thirds of the population overweight or obese.

Many people have blasted The Restaurant That Burns Off Calories, with Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, advising: ‘We strongly discourage anyone with an #eatingdisorder to watch the BBC2 programme The Restaurant that Burns Off Calories airing tonight.

‘We’re keeping our online support group open 3 hours longer & you can contact us by DM on Twitter if you need support.’

Bake Off’s Ruby Tandoh wrote: ‘As many have pointed out, this is an appalling show premise at the best of times, let alone right now. people struggle SO much with their relationships with food – this will only worsen that anxiety.

‘Reducing food to calories is unhelpful, joyless and leans into disordered eating.’

Meanwhile, another added: ‘It’s taken nearly 10 years to convince myself that it’s okay to eat food and to not punish myself with exercise after eating foot.

‘TV shows like BBC Two’s The Restaurant That Burns Off Calories is out of touch and insensitive’.

Not everyone was upset by the programme though.

‘Can’t believe people are suggesting we should be so PC as denying scientific facts. Isn’t that censorship?’ they argued.

The Restaurant That Burns Calories is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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