The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of Lucifer

“Lucifer” dropped the second half of its highly anticipated fifth season on Netflix on May 28, and just like previous installments, it promises to be a doozy. For the uninitiated, the show is a cross between “Supernatural” and your favorite cop show/murder mystery. However, it’s the chemistry between lead actors Tom Ellis (Lucifer Morningstar) and homicide detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) that keeps fans coming back for more. The series’ fan base is so into its subject material that viewers even rallied to save “Lucifer” after it was canceled by Fox in 2018. “We had women coming up in tears, saying ‘I love your show. I sit down and I watch Lucifer and the problems with the family or the issues with my kids, whatever, it just … who knew a show about the Devil would brighten my day and be my one shining light?” German told of viewers’ support. 

Therefore, it’s fitting that Season 5 gives fans what they have long been waiting for: the start of a relationship between Lucifer and Chloe. As Ellis explained to Entertainment Weekly in August 2020, “You want these people to be together, but we need that tension in our show to make it work … but we’ve sort of earned that moment now.” While we are cheering for Lucifer and Chloe to make it work, let’s take a look at the real-life romances of the “Lucifer” cast.

Tom Ellis wed lhis ongtime love, Meaghan Oppenheimer

When viewers are first introduced to Lucifer in Season 1, he’s somewhat of a playboy. Even as he develops feelings for Detective Chloe Decker, he continues to sleep with and seduce various women. But in real life, Lucifer couldn’t be more different from the actor who brings him to life, Tom Ellis. Per People, Ellis wed longtime girlfriend and screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer in a 2019 ceremony, which was attended by “Lucifer” co-stars Lauren German, D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen), and Rachael Harris (Linda). More on them in a minute!

According to People, Ellis’ second wedding — he was previously married to actor Tazmin Outhwaite before divorcing in 2014 — showcased intimate details of his (and his new wife’s) personalities. For one thing, there was the rowboat the pair used to arrive at the ceremony. “My new wife @moppyoppenheimer was a little unsure about my choice of transport for the honeymoon,” Ellis joked on Instagram, adding, “Thank you to everyone who made our special day so precious.” The newlyweds also politely turned down traditional wedding gifts, instead asking guests to donate to Planned Parenthood. Could this be a case of ‘the couple who advocates together, stays together’?

Lesley-Ann Brandt has been with her husband since 2015

Lesley-Ann Brandt is a key player on “Lucifer,” starring as the Devil’s confidante and tough-as-nails sidekick, Mazikeen. When Lucifer relocated from Hell, Maze was beside him every step of the way as he opened a nightclub and wreaked havoc on Earth. Just like her character, Maze is loyal and steady in her love life, too. According to FanSided, she and fellow actor Chris Payne Gilbert tied the knot in 2015 and welcomed a son, Kingston, in 2017. 

Speaking to Brides in 2016 of their wedding, Brandt explained how their initial meeting felt kismet. “We met at the Nancy Banks Acting Studio in 2012 after being assigned a scene together,” she recalled. “It was an incredibly hot day in Los Angeles and I was laying down on the living room floor nursing a beer. Chris walked in and looked at me and says he thought, ‘Who is this crazy chick drinking before our rehearsal?'” One (scripted) kiss later, and the pair knew they were never looking back.

Per Brides, Gilbert proposed to Brandt with “a beach proposal and impromptu engagement party” in 2014, but the surprises were far from over. The groom also ensured that the bride’s deceased grandfather could be a part of the festivities. “He had melted down two rings … and used the gold to make a pendant with the word ‘appeltjie’ engraved on it. It means ‘little apple’ and was my late grandfather’s nickname for me,” Brandt explained.

Kevin de Alejandro collaborates with his wife on creative projects

Actor Kevin Alejandro (Dan Espinoza) is all over the map — or should we say screen — when it comes to his “Lucifer” love interests. He has a complex relationship with his ex-wife Chloe Decker, and he’s not one of Lucifer’s biggest fans, despite the fact that he had a fling with Lucifer’s mom. But in reality, Alejandro’s relationships are much more cut and dry. Per Express, he has been married to filmmaker Leslie de Jesus Alejandro since 2004, and they share a son. 

Opening up to Express, the couple explained that they prioritize their marriage by keeping things fresh. “We try to take adventures and go on vacations together, or try to find something for ourselves as a family,” Kevin said. “We’re constantly on the hunt for something for all of us to do that just sort of steps out of our box of normalcy.” This includes creating together via the film production company they co-own alongside Dani de Jesus. Per Latin Heat, Leslie co-directed her husband and his “Lucifer” castmate Lesley-Ann Brandt in the 2020 comedy, “Adult Night.” “It was a pretty cool process because it was the first of many … it was the first time that Leslie and I directed as Los Alejandros, it was the first time that [Lesley-Ann] Brandt and I were able to do something outside of Lucifer together,” Kevin shared.

Rachael Harris is focused on co-parenting with her ex-husband

On “Lucifer,” Rachael Harris plays therapist Linda Martin, consistently providing counsel to Lucifer, Chloe Decke,r and Mazikeen. Even when she’s not acting, Harris is committed to self-care and co-parenting her two sons with ex-husband Christian Hebel. Per People, the pair met through mutual friends Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka in September 2014 and were married soon after. They split in 2019, and share sons Henry and Otto — and as of this writing, Harris is reportedly “focused on new beginnings for her and their two young children,” according to People.

“We didn’t know how to treat one another,” the actor said of their separation. But despite the awkwardness, Harris wanted to maintain an amicable relationship with Hebel for the sake of the kids. “You have these two children that you’re so in love with … that only their father can understand,” she added. “But at the same time, you’re trying to separate from this romantic love. It’s been challenging for both of us. I’m proud that we’re really trying to be kind to one another.” 

As of this writing, the former couple appear to be in a good place, with Harris telling People that they have “gotten a handle on co-parenting.” But, though she’s single, the star is by no means ready to mingle. Instead, she’s prioritizing her own well-being by working out with co-star Tom Ellis’ trainer. “At 52, I’m in the best shape of my life ever,” she shared (via People).

D.B. Woodside and Lauren German are both single

While various “Lucifer” cast members are coupled up, D.B. Woodside (who plays the angel Amenadiel) and Lauren German (Detective Chloe Decker) are both single as of this writing. German is notoriously private, and prefers to keep her off-screen life under wraps. Per Style Rant, she has previously been linked to actors Adam Brody and Ashton Holmes, though nothing was ever confirmed. Despite her lack of a romantic relationship, she appears to have rich friendships and often posts supportive content about her “Lucifer” castmates.

Like German, Woodside is another closed book. Express reports that he was in a long-term relationship with Golden Brooks from 2006 to 2010, but has not dated anyone seriously since. The exes share daughter Dakota Tao, whom they welcomed in 2009, per People. “Everyone is insanely in love with her. We’re so happy,” Brooks said at the time. “We’re already calling her our little jumping bean because she’s so active!” It seems like this little girl is the only leading lady in Woodside’s life (at least, for right now).

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