The Purple mattress bigfoot is gorgeous in real life

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching the Purple mattress protector commercial — you know, the one with Mama, Papa, and Junior Sasquatch — then you’ve also rejoiced in the surprising sensation of actually laughing out loud at an ad. The commercial, which has more than 122 million views on YouTube, features the cheeriest mother bigfoot discussing her family’s sleeping habits while raving about the product she’s advertising. Throughout the spot, she tosses out passive-aggressive gems like, “Other protectors … make your mattress noisy, hot, and uncomfortable — like a Nickelback concert, or the first year of my marriage.” 

It’s pure gold, but much like the famous Geico caveman or any number of movie or film villains (such as Pennywise from It or the nun from, well, The Nun), the monsters you see on screen look drastically different than the actors portraying them. In fact, underneath all of the makeup, prosthetics, and special effects, are normal people who, nine times out of ten, also happens to be extremely hot. Enter Noah Kershisnik.

Noah Kershisnik plays both the Mama and Papa Sasquatch

It took hours to transform Noah Kershisnik from regular actor to furry bigfoot, and he had to do it twice over. That’s right, Kershisnik stars in the commercial as Mama Sasquatch and Papa Sasquatch, playing opposite himself in two hilarious roles. As costume designer Juliette Lewis (no, not that Juliette Lewis) revealed in a behind-the-scenes video, the looks were assembled from a lot of moving parts.

“Lots and lots of fur and hours and good times,” she joked, explaining all of the different components that make up the hairy monsters. “We’ve got a head piece, we’ve got prosthetics, we’ve got teeth, we’ve got, of course, bosoms,” she noted, for Mama. “We’ve got a whole torso piece, feet, hands, gloves. We’ve got a lot of pieces going on here.”

In addition to the sasquatch costumes, there were also some little touches added on that made them come together, like Mama’s apron and a bow in her fur. For Papa, he wore glasses and a tie.

Noah Kershisnik has played a mattress monster before

While the “Can Your Mattress Protector Stand Up to Sasquatch?” ad is Noah Kershisnik’s most prominent role to date, he previously starred in another spot, this one also for a bed product.

In the commercial for BedJet, Kershisnik starred as “Carl From Hell,” the devil who needs the bed to be scorching hot so he can sleep. His wife, however, prefers the room to be cold, and the two are at odds throughout the ad — this time, with his wife in the passive-aggressive role, while he makes animated remarks. At one point, Kershisnik, who is painted bright red and fitted with horns to play the character, dresses up as a tweed jacket-wearing weatherman in order to show how the BedJet operates.

According to his IMDb page, Kershisnik has acted in a number of roles in shorts. Fun fact: He is also fluent in Mandarin, according to his resume.

Noah Kershisnik makes clothing and more

Need a new belt? How about a custom pair of jeans? Look no further than Noah Kershisnik, who designed and created clothing when he was in college in 2014. In fact, he even did a sit-down interview discussing his apparel line — Made by Knoak.

“Right now I make a lot of things out of leather, like belts, and wallets, and bags,” he told the interviewer at the time. “I like really simple and traditional … good craftsmanship and the iconic belt,” he said. He’d even sewn his own jeans and was hoping to branch out into custom jeans for women. Hey, in addition to playing a mother and father bigfoot, maybe he can also create custom looks for his characters, as well. Sasquatches are always in the market for some hand-tailored ensembles, right?

Kershisnik also worked at a hardware company that creates doors. He focused on leather and fabric embellishments. During an interview with the company, he gave some pretty solid advice about the beauty of creativity. “Don’t be afraid to try anything, anything at all. If something is interesting, try it, and if you leave it behind and never finish it, that’s good too,” he said. “You only have a limited amount of time, so don’t be afraid to try something, don’t be afraid to let it go, and find out which things you really love.”

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