The Office star lifts lid on secret Kevin storyline 'that could have spanned hours' cut from the finale

THE Office US actor Brian Baumgartner has teased a huge secret backstory to Kevin Malone's bar.

The series finale saw Kevin's new career revealed when Dwight Schrute's batchelor party arrives at his new boozer.

Kevin tries to bar them but, after a sweet heart-to-heart with the groom to be who admitted he still considers him a friend, he goes back on his word.

Yet the actor, 47, told how much more juicy detail on his role could have been spilled should the show have continued.

Brian told ”It’s funny, the idea behind Kevin getting a bar in the finale was actually born out of that when the documentary aired, that people would love Kevin.

"There was a whole storyline… Greg Daniels [writer], what he wrote for the finale could have been four hours of television.

"So there was more to that story."

Brian, whose character was closely based on that of The Office's UK version, added: “He got the bar in the last episode in part from people who loved his character when the documentary aired on the show.

"That was where that came from.

“There were scenes that were shot that didn’t make it, because of time, about him becoming kind of a cult fan favourite based on the fictional documentary that aired.”

Meanwhile, the series would definitely have a re-boot, perhaps featuring Kevin and his hidden history, if fans had their say.

The American version of the Ricky Gervais sitcom ran for nine seasons from 2005 until 2013.

Fans have been desperate to see the cast reunite ever since the show ended, and in a new interview, actor Steve, 57, hinted he would be open to the idea.

Steve replied to Entertainment Weekly: "I would work with Greg at any time. I trust him implicitly, so I’d definitely do another show."

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