The Great British Sewing Bee fans in tears as NHS doctor Clare Bradley wins the show

GREAT British Sewing Bee fans were in tears after winner Clare Bradley was shown in her PPE working on the coronavirus frontline. 

The 37-year-old NHS respiratory doctor scooped the top prize for her stunning red Hollywood creation but it was her other outfit that had viewers sobbing. 

Last night’s final of The Great British Sewing Bee saw the last three contestants – Nicole Akong, Clare Bradley, and Matt Gage – take on a trio of challenges before the winner was announced.

After a close competition, Clare was announced the winner and footage showed her wearing her full PPE as she worked on the coronavirus frontline. 

Viewers were understandably emotional at the sight and took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the worthy winner. 

One wrote: “Love #SewingBee Don’t think I’ve ever been moved by it as much as I was tonight seeing Clare in her #PPE & knowing how hard she must have worked after the filming, along with her ITU anaesthetist model/friend A winner & a pair of #NHSHeroes  Very well done Much deserved”

“After spending the day in the PARK with my actual flesh and bone friends, I have found myself sobbing at #SewingBee. And Clare's been on the frontline and how am I crying so hard at SEWING?!,” sobbed a second. 

Another cried: “Unexpectedly crying my eyes out at the end of #SewingBee for worthy winner Clare who has spent the last three months on the coronavirus frontline"

“It was a great final as was the whole series and the right person won , Clare  was fantastic and seeing her photo at the end was very poignant and moving,” added a fourth.

Clare’s appearance on the show made her instantly recognisable to patients proved to be a talking point as it led to many revealing their own interests in knitting, sewing and quilting.

Clare said of her time on the show: “I watched a lot of the series on my own during lockdown… for the final episode I borrowed a projector so that I could watch with a couple of friends in their garden. 

“My closest colleagues knew I had got to the final as they could count how many days I’d had off work, but I think I managed to keep it a secret that I’d won by pulling my best ‘patient confidentiality’ straight face.”

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