The Chase viewers left irritated after noticing Bradley Walsh's most annoying habit

THE Chase viewers were annoyed with some of Bradley Walsh's common habits on the popular quiz show.

Bradley, 60, is the long running host of the ITV quiz show with fans regularly keeping an eye out for 'klaxons' of his common quirks, including uncontrollable laughter and regular catch phrases.

But it seems some viewers were fed up with some of Bradley's repeated sayings.

They noticed the former footballer loves saying "gotta be" in response to just about anything on the show.

Viewers were left irritated when he repeated the phrase multiple times in a row of Friday's show.

"#TheChase I wish #BradleyWalsh would stop saying ‘gotta be’ every time the contestants answer a question," wrote on Twitter.

Another added: "Bradley losing his s***", 'gotta be' and all day long klaxons."

And a third said: "Does anyone else want to throw a slipper at Bradley Walsh when he forces himself laughing and throws himself about the place like a total plonker?"

But Bradley kept fans happy last week with one of his iconic fits of laughter.

The host asked what he title of which Elvis Presley song was inscribed on the side of Freddie Star's coffin?

Freddie Starr was a beloved stand-up comedian who died in 2019.

The first option for an answer was 'Crying In The Chapel', but it was the second choice that stopped Bradley dead in his tracks.

It was Elvis' 1977 song, Way Down which the host thought was hilarious.

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