The Chase viewers in uproar as Bradley gives contestant £1k for 'wrong answer'

The Chase viewers are not happy with Bradley Walsh after he awarded a contestant £1,000 for giving the ‘wrong answer’ to a question.

During Friday’s instalment of The Chase, contestant Aislinn certainly left an impression on the presenter as Bradley branded her the ‘best young player’ they have had on the show in long a while.

The 19-year-old told the ITV host that she was hoping to win enough of the prize money to take her mum to Monaco, celebrating the Formula One Grand Prix.

But during the cash builder round, Bradley asked which food was typically paired with cheese on a stick during dinner parties.

Without hesitation Aislinn answered ‘olive’ to which Bradley responded: ‘Wrong, it’s pineapple’.

Aislinn managed to earn £6,000 in the cash builder as the host told her: ‘Very good, £6000.’

‘However, I’m going to accept your answer of olive so that’s £7,000.’

Aislinn was clearly chuffed with that as she exclaimed: ‘Cheers man.’

Following Bradley’s change of heart viewers quickly took to Twitter to disagree with his decision.

One tweeted: ‘How did they accept olive? Pineapple and pickles yes but olives??’

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