'The Bold and the Beautiful': Steffy Hinted She Didn't Want a Paternity Test — Did She Try to Fake the Results?

The Bold and the Beautiful is notorious for keeping things interesting. From relationship drama to major plot twists, there is always something going on, and it is one of the main reasons that the daytime soap opera is so wildly popular in the first place. Steffy Forrester, one of the main characters on the show, never fails to disappoint, what with all the scandal that tends to surround her the majority of the time. We know that she isn’t always faithful in her relationships, and more often than not, things can get pretty complicated. On more than one occasion, Steffy has found herself with a positive pregnancy test result, however, there is one problem — she wasn’t exactly sure who the father of the baby is. That is quite a predicament to be in, however, fans are shocked at the fact that Steffy has hinted that she doesn’t want to get a paternity test, and many are left wondering if she tried to fake the results. 

Steffy wasn’t faithful to her new boyfriend Finn

It is almost certain that fans weren’t too surprised to see Steffy cheating on Finn, given her history of being unfaithful. According to CelebDirtyLaundry, this is exactly what happened, and Finn wasn’t happy. As fans know, Liam will always be a part of Steffy’s life, given the fact that they have a child. However, most agree that she definitely crossed a line when she cheated on her new boyfriend with her ex, and the secret hasn’t been easy to keep. She and Liam shared a drunken night together, and things heated up just a little too much. Steffy found herself putting her relationship with Finn on the line, and Liam was in the same boat with Hope. What a mess they put themselves in.

Finn had a specific reaction to the news of her cheating

No one ever wants their significant other to cheat — that’s a fact. Most people get pretty upset when it happens, however, Finn had a very specific reaction to the situation. So, what did he say and do? Given that Steffy has also revealed that she’s pregnant, many people would expect Finn to be absolutely livid, yet this isn’t exactly the case. According to Serialized TV, he actually forgives his girlfriend for what she did and wants complete honesty regarding the news of the pregnancy. Although he was happy about the possibility of becoming a father, he knows that the baby being Liam’s makes things even more complicated. Viewers took to Twitter to express their opinions, and there appear to be mixed results. Several fans made it clear they feel bad for Finn — he’s clearly a good guy and has unfortunately got caught up in Steffy’s drama.

Steffy hinted that she doesn’t want to get a paternity test

Looks like Steffy is up to her devious ways, even with a new baby on the way. She hinted that she doesn’t want to get a paternity test, even though she couldn’t be certain who the father of her child is until a test is performed. Finn was genuinely excited about the prospect of fatherhood, and Steffy tells him that the baby would be lucky to have him. After hearing this, Finn says how he wants to actually raise the baby, but on one condition — he only wants to do so if it is his child. Given how Steffy looks surprised and even a bit disappointed that he only wants to raise a child that belongs to him, it would appear that she could try to lie about the results of a paternity test.

However, we all know by now Liam is the baby’s father — or is he? Given it’s a soap opera, a faked paternity test isn’t unheard of, and there’s a possibility Steffy might have tried to fake the results of the test, but something could have went wrong with the sabotage. It’s also possible there are other forces that would want people to believe Liam is the father — for instance, Hope leaving Liam wouldn’t be too much of a reach, and someone like Thomas has incentive if it means getting Hope back. Time well tell if Liam is truly the father or if there is more to this result!

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