Teen Mom Leah Messer reveals daughter Ali, 11, is 'a step towards a cure' for muscular dystrophy

TEEN Mom Leah Messer revealed her daughter Ali, 11, is "a step towards a cure" for muscular dystrophy.

She shared new testing on a nearly decade-old muscle biopsy may reveal new insight into her daughter's disease.

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Leah posted a sweet pic of Ali proudly wearing a cream-colored lace dress captioned: "We’re so excited to document this part of our journey with all of you: Ali's muscle biopsy from 2012 was recently sent to a lab at OSU for new gene therapy testing, possibly a step towards a cure.

"If her biopsy responds positively, it could potentially unlock doors for many others. So I partnered with a non-profit organization, @cureraredisease and organizing fundraising events to raise money for rare neuromuscular diseases like Alis.

"Do you guys have any ideas? I had an idea to do something on social media similar to the ice bucket challenge for ALS. I also enjoyed being a part of the obstacle course and color run events in the past. We’re open to all possibilities."

This season on Teen Mom 2 saw Leah force her children to quit cheerleading and dance to ensure her daughter Ali's safety.

Ali, 11, has also been required to attend virtual school at home, due to her mother's concerns about the coronavirus.

Leah recently discussed Ali's life expectancy, tweeting: “there are now over 100 cases of Titin Myopathy Muscular Dystrophy worldwide.

“Research is showing a life expectancy of around 70 years, as long as there are no signs of heart or lung failure. This news brought hope to our family. This news brought hope to our family. She added that she has “hope for a cure.”

Earlier this year, Leah promised her daughter that she would do whatever she could to make life better for her.

The mom of three posted a photo with Ali in the kitchen.

She captioned the picture: "I wouldn't change you for the world, but I'll do whatever it takes to change the world for you! #MDwontstopher #GirlMom #MuscularDystrophy."

Leah shares twin daughters, Ali and Aliannah, 11, with her first ex-husband, Corey Simms.

She also shares Adalynn, eight, with Jeremy Calvert.

In 2014, Ali was diagnosed with titin myopathy muscular dystrophy, a rare form of progressive weakness disease.

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