Tayshia Adams Makes Her ICONIC Bachelorette Debut in the Tailer for Next Week's Episode

The Bachelorette was once again an absolute mess last night, but we’re here to talk about what happened after. Namely, the preview for next week’s episode, in which Tayshia Adams makes her triumphant debut from a swimming pool like a mermaid coming to save us from whatever TF is happening on this show right now. Behold:

I meannnnnnnnnn. She! Looks! Amazing!

Also, if you want to skip all the Clare drama and jump straight to Tayshia looking literally incredible, here ya go:


This is the first time the Bachelorette Powers That Be have admitted that Tayshia replaced Clare on the show—despite the fact that Bachelor Nation has known about this spoiler for literal months. And if said spoiler continues to be correct, Tayshia will get to know Clare’s exes—as well as a few new dudes brought in by Chris Harrison. Unclear how the season wraps up after all these changes, but Reality Steve narrowed down Tayshia’s final four guys and called the ending “messy” so…chances are this season of The Bachelorette won’t stop doing the most anytime soon.

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