Susanna Reid blasted by GMB fans over Keir Starmer beergate U-turn Disappointed!

Starmer's 'resignation' claim won't change views on PM says Reid

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Susanna Reid and co-host Richard Madeley were joined virtually by Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson, who dubbed Keir Starmer as “Mr Rules”. Keir has announced if he was to be fined over any breaking of the rules for beergate then he would resign. Viewers of GMB took to social media to call out host Reid as within the last 24 hours, she seemed to jump from asking guests if he should resign to slamming him for saying he would step down.

Beergate has dominated the headlines for weeks and in a bold move, Starmer said he would step down if fined, a move he has been demanding Prime Minister Boris Johnson to make.

After quizzing guests on Monday about their stance on Starmer and if he should resign based on his comments about Johnson, Reid has now stated stepping down might be the “wrong decision” while talking to Phillipson.

Reid began: “Sir Keir Starmer has set himself up as Mr Rules and could end up being the leader who actually steps down while Boris Johnson says ‘That’s up to you, I’m going to stay in place.'”

“I think Keir Starmer is Mr Rules,” Phillipson replied.

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“He is the former Director of Public Prosecutions, he knows how important it is that people follow the law, and the same is true of politicians.”

Phillipson went on to call out Johnson for how he had led the country.

She continued: “I think many of your viewers will be horrified in the way Boris Johnson has conducted himself in recent months.

“And more recently at the desire to sling mud and make out that all politicians are the same and debase our politics and democracy.”

Reid stated “if people have that view of the Prime Minister, they have that view” and Starmer’s stepping down “won’t change that”.

Phillipson reassured the morning talk show Starmer “will do the right thing”.

Viewers took to Twitter to slam Reid for her surprising U-turn over Beergate, with Louise Rose tweeting: “You’ve been demanding to know if Keir would resign if found guilty, and now he’s said what he’d do you’re slating him for doing so. What do you want??”

Steve Walter added: “Not sure about the line of questioning here. 

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“Yesterday, you were seemingly pressing Starmer’s colleagues for him to do exactly this (resign if fined).”

@SUllmayer felt the same and commented: “Disappointed, Susanna. Yesterday you wanted to know nothing more but whether K. Starmer would resign if fined. 

“Today, you appear to say that he made the wrong decision- there are only two options, and he chose the one that you said right in his (principled) value system.” (sic)

The tweets pointed out her yo-yoing comments kept flooding in.

Laura Tallulah said: “Yesterday, Susanna asked a labour MP over and over again if Keir should resign if found to have broke lockdown rules.

“Today she is saying him saying that he WILL resign is putting pressure on the police! Don’t push the question then!” (sic)

“Susanna’s comment ‘we’re going round in circles’ seems a little pointless when she literally keeps on asking the same question,” Helen Atkinson remarked.

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