Sasha Grey Tackles the Hard Questions in New Trailer for Grey Area: ‘Nothing Is Off Limits’

Actress Sasha Grey isn’t avoiding any of the hard questions in the trailer for her new TV show, Grey Area.

“Know all those questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask? Well, you’re not alone and you can ask me anything,” Grey, 32, begins in the trailer for the series, which she will co-host alongside rapper Jon “Dumbfoundead” Park, 34.

Grey Area, premiering Aug. 5 on Venn TV, will follow Grey and Dumbfoundead as they consult friends, celebrities and experts to discuss topics like relationships, dating, social media and more.

The show will be "covering subjects most people are afraid to speak about, redefining 'normal' in a safe space," Grey wrote on her Instagram page Tuesday.

As for those “embarrassing” questions the pair are setting out to answer in Grey Area? They include everything from “I slept with my ex, do I tell my partner?” and “Is it weird to be attracted to an anime character?” to “Will I ever find love?” and “Does God exist?”

“Nothing is off limits,” Grey says in the trailer.

Grey Area premieres Aug. 5 on Venn TV.

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