Riverdale theories: Bret and Donna ‘revealed’ as behind VHS plot in sinister Barchie twist

As the recent musical episode introduces some late-game twists to Riverdale’s fourth season, fans are still scratching their heads over the latest cliffhanger. With new episodes set to arrive on The CW and Netflix soon, the truth may be within reach thanks to some key clues.

The murder mystery surrounding fan favourite Jughead Jones (played by Cole Sprouse) is well and truly over as Riverdale revealed the Stonewall conspiracy against the unconventional teen.

However, sticking true to Riverdale fashion, the latest musical instalment, Wicked Little Town, threw some unexpected surprises fans’ way in between the iconic Broadway numbers.

During the series’ progressive adaptation of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Riverdale began to sow the seeds for a scandalous affair between Archie (KJ Apa) and Jughead’s loyal girlfriend, Betty (Lili Reinhart).

Meanwhile, the end of the episode saw the return of a major ongoing mystery fans haven’t seen for sometime.

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As yet another round of sinister videotapes are delivered to Riverdale households, Jughead receives some violent and distressing footage.

In the threatening tape, someone disguised as Betty attacks another person in a Jughead mask, their cartoonish appearances mirroring the characters’ original designs in Archie Comics.

Underneath the exciting easter egg for long-running Archie fans lies some dangerous implications for the rest of the season and beyond.

Sharp-eyed fans have, of course, taken online to discuss even more potential theories for who will eventually be revealed as the mastermind behind the creepy VHS plot.

Moreover, others have already begun to draw connections between the distracting ‘Barchie’ drama and the new mystery.

On media publication Bustle, one Riverdale devotee is convinced the end of season four could see the return of two villainous characters who have caused trouble for Jughead and his friends throughout season four.

During the article, they said: “It seemed like the Stonewall Prep storyline was wrapped up when Jughead’s murderer Donna was exposed, but maybe not.”

Even though their plan was thankfully sabotaged by Jughead and Betty’s quick thinking, elitist students Donna (Sarah Desjardin) and Bret (Sean Depner) ployed to get rid of their Southside peer by any means necessary.

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Despite getting their comeuppance, this fan has theorised the devilish duo could make a surprise return before the season four finale.

They added: “We already know that Bret and Donna like to tape people for blackmail and have a stack of VHS tapes at their disposal.”

Among their devious tricks to force Jughead out of the school, the Stonewall students managed to secretly film an intimate moment between Betty and Jughead.

Finally, they added: “Plus, they both really despise Betty and Jughead, and the tapes originally began showing up while Jughead was going to Stonewall. Perhaps Bret and Donna are still messing with him.”


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Bret and Donna’s sinister surveillance footage could be used to expose Betty and Archie’s affair to finally get revenge on Jughead.

By bringing Bret and Donna back into the fold, season four would wrap up the ongoing and interconnected mysteries in a satisfying way before the long wait for season five.

Season four’s production has been put on hold due to the coronavirus, but Riverdale fans are hoping the remaining episodes will finally provide answers to the show’s most intriguing secrets.

Riverdale season 4 continues on The CW on Wednesdays and Netflix UK on Thursdays.

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