Riverdale blunder: Fans uncover major mistake with Betty’s phone

Reactions to season four of The CW’s glossy teen drama, also available around the world on Netflix, have been characteristically mixed. As some thrilling Riverdale mysteries are finally solved, eagle-eyed viewers have spotted some unfortunate mistakes.

The steamy adaptation of Archie Comics became one of the first television series to pause production when it was confirmed a member of the Riverdale crew had come in contact with the coronavirus.

As the entertainment industry is dealt a huge blow by the outbreak, the dark and twisted teen drama confirmed the remaining episodes of season four will instead begin Riverdale’s highly anticipated fifth season.

Throughout the global confusion, Riverdale has somehow been able to stay just as unpredictably sadistic as current events, as the show is still dealing with the fall out of two major mysteries.

Although the faked murder of Jughead Jones (played by Cole Sprouse) has now been solved, the staggered release of new episodes means fans still don’t know who is behind the sinister videotapes.


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During the wait for new Riverdale content, fans have looked back at some older episodes to unexpected results.

Way back in season two, one observant fan noticed Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) had a little bit of trouble answering the phone in episode five, When A Stranger Calls.

Throughout the season, Betty’s private life was being invaded by sinister phone calls from the Black Hood, eventually revealed to be her own father, Hal (Lochlyn Munro).

However, despite these pivotal and creepy phone calls playing a major part in season two, one fan couldn’t help but notice something strange going on with Betty’s phone screen.

They posted: “When Betty receives the call from the unknown number her iPhone rings audibly.

“When it shows a closeup of her iPhone the mute switch is down, meaning the phone is on silent.”

So, Betty’s phone shouldn’t have made a sound at all before she reluctantly took another phone call from the psychotic Black Hood.

Despite TV shorthand requiring Betty’s phone to make a distinctive noise to indicate she’s receiving a call, most teens nowadays keep their phones on silent, especially during the evenings.

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Fans were also able to spot a number of additional mistakes throughout the second season, which is still available on Netflix for the ideal trashy lockdown binge.

One viewer spotted yet another phone mistake in episode 16: “When Josie and Veronica sing, the position of Kevin’s hands on his phone changes between shots.”

Meanwhile, Jughead and Archie appear to perform the world’s most impressive card trick in episode 14: “Jughead and Archie are playing cards. They are all scattered out on the table.

“When Betty and Veronica walk in and the boys get up, the cards disappear.”


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Despite Riverdale’s impressive production value as well as boasting one of the most attractive casts on TV, some glaring continuity errors still slip through the cracks in the editing room.

Thankfully, the careers of the teen drama’s young stars haven’t suffered amidst the onslaught of heightened drama and technical errors littered throughout the series.

Lili Reinhart impressed Riverdale fans when she appeared in the acclaimed crime drama Hustlers, while former Suite Life star Cole Sprouse turned to podcasting with Borrasca, released earlier this year.

Riverdale season 4 continues on The CW on Wednesdays and Netflix UK on Thursdays.

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