RHONJ's Teresa Giudice tells brother Joe Gorga that wife Melissa has been texting a handsome restaurant owner on a trip

TERESA Giudice calls her brother Joe to reveal his wife Melissa has been texting a handsome restuarant owner, in a new sneak peek of the upcoming Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The clip reveals the housewives enjoyed a girls' trip away, but Teresa is not impressed when she learns that her sister-in-law has been texting another man.

The news leaves Joe close to tears, as he admits "this is serious."

"I just want to let you know the owner of the restaurant asked Melissa for her number, and they've been texting all day," Teresa tells Joe, who later tells his pals: "My sister said she's been flirting with this guy.

"I am about to cry right now."

The Sun previously revealed that Melissa and Joe suffer “real conflict” in their marriage on the upcoming season. 

A source exclusively told The Sun: "There is real conflict between Joe and Melissa. You will see real conflict between those two that surprised a lot of people, especially cast members. It got really real regarding some marital issues.”

The insider said their marriage troubles have “nothing to do with cheating or anything inappropriate,” despite the trailer suggesting otherwise.

The source continued: “It’s husband and wife stuff. Something happened and it kept building. It got to the point where people were like, 'There are cameras here…’ It got hot.”

The insider said that the couple, who married in 2004 and share three children together, has overcome their issues and are “okay today.”

A previous teaser had also suggested a housewife husband has cheated. 

With clips of all of the housewives kissing their husbands, Margaret Josephs can be heard saying: "Everyone's marriage can look absolutely perfect on the outside."

Melissa added: "But guess what? Things aren't always what they seem.”

Dolores then finished: "Anyone can be a cheater.”

It was later revealed the women were discussing Jackie Goldschneider, who aired her grievances after it emerged it was Teresa who started the allegations

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star endured the cheating allegations while watching the episode debut with her husband, Evan.

Teresa was seen on camera telling friends that Evan was cheating on Jackie while at his gym.

Despite the rumored infidelity, Page Six revealed that Jackie claimed she and her husband are doing fine, though she felt extremely guilty over his name being thrown into a scandal.

“Well, it ended up being fine. I had a lot of guilty feelings because Evan’s not a cast member on this show,” she continued.

“So for his reputation to be at the center of the drama was very unfair for him. I feel like, ‘I’m on the show. It should be about me.’"

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