Power POLL: Was Tariq really to blame for Raina’s death? Have your say

Power came to a dramatic end earlier this year with its final-ever series. However, the Starz crime drama will return in the shape of four new spin-off series. Each of the shows will follow a character from the original Power seasons, so fans can find out what they got up to after the series ended. All except Power Book III: Raising Kanan which will be a prequel about the childhood of drug dealer Kanan Stark (played by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson).

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Power.

Power season six ended with the death of drug lord James “Ghost” St Patrick (Omari Hardwick) after he was shot in the chest and fell from his nightclub balcony.
The last few episodes got fans questioning who the killer could be before the grand finale revealed his son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) had pulled the trigger.
However, he wasn’t sent to prison as his mother Tasha (Naturi Naughton) took the fall and went to jail in his place so he could go to college.
But this wasn’t the first time Tariq had been left with blood on his hands.


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In season four, crooked cop Ray Ray (Marcus Callender) was introduced after Tariq got involved in some dodgy dealings.
Having found out Tariq was Ghost’s son, he did not trust him and wanted to see him gone.
He even went looking for him at his school and bumped into Tariq’s twin sister Raina (Donshea Hopkins), whom he questioned over her brother’s whereabouts.
Later on, Tariq told Raina the truth about Ray Ray being a corrupt police officer and forced her to promise not to tell anyone.
But this didn’t do her any good and paved the way for tragedy.
During a school dance, Tariq arrived and thought he was about to meet Destiny (Andrea Rachel), who he had been seeing.
Little did he know, it was actually Ray Ray who had been messaging him to meet up so he could shoot Tariq.
Raina, who was also attending the dance, saw Ray Ray and decided to confront him, shouting out who he really was and instead of shooting Tariq as planned, he murdered her instead.
Tariq saw his sister killed in cold blood just as he had just arrived.
At the end of the series, Tariq got his revenge though and murdered Ray Ray and with his dad and Tommy Egan’s (Joseph Sikora) help, they disposed of the body.

Power poll: Was Tariq really to blame for Raina’s death?

While many fans over the years have been quick to blame Raina’s death on her brother, some think it actually wasn’t his fault.
Taking to Reddit, one Power fan has explained why Tariq isn’t to blame.
u/SpideyFTW000 said: “Tariq did not get Raina killed – hear me out!
“Now, do I think he should’ve told Ghost what was going on with Ray Ray? Yes.
“Nobody asked Raina to follow him outside, he clearly said: ‘It’s cool.’
“That was HER choice to lie for Tariq. If she really cared she would’ve told Ghost, Tommy, and Tash what was going on as soon as Ray Ray went to her class.
“And lastly, she should’ve kept her f*g mouth shut to Ray Ray.
“When Ray Ray said ‘Oh yeah, I was just on the way to see your principal.’
“If Raina was smart she would’ve said something like ‘Oh! Well let me bring you to her..’ Thus getting him away from Tariq.”

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However, actress Hopkins who played Raina in the series spoke out in 2018 about who she felt was to blame for her character’s death.
She told This Is 50, she said: “Tariq. I mean, let’s just rip the bandaid off.
“It’s Tariq’s fault, I think everyone sugarcoats a lot of things for him because he’s a kid.
“But honestly, it’s this big butterfly effect. So if Ghost was never a drug dealer, probably none of this would have even happened.”


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She continued: “I think Tasha could have been there more as a mother maybe.
“If she put Tariq in his place, if she had cut off the interactions with Dre, with Kanan, with Ray Ray, none of that would have happened.
“So Tariq and Tasha but Tariq. I’m just going to say it, it’s Tariq’s fault.”
But who do you think was to blame for Raina’s death? Should the blame lie with Tariq for the murder of his sister?
Have your say in the Express.co.uk poll in this article.
Power season 6 is available to watch on Netflix.

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