Piers Morgans TalkTV show hit with over 100 Ofcom complaints after vegan row

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Piers Morgan's TalkTV show has been slapped with over 100 Ofcom complaints after the host ate a Big Mac on air during a heated vegan row.

Ofcom, the UK's broadcast media regulator, received 123 complaints in total from fuming viewers following the televised animal row on (September 7).

The former GMB presenter, 57, had been embroiled in a furious row with an animal rights activist on his News UK talk show, Uncensored.

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Piers devoured the classic McDonald's burger at the end of his argument with Orla Coghlan, from Animal Rebellion, where the pair clashed over what Piers deemed was vegan "hypocrisy".

A delivery man brought on a hamburger and fries, and the campaigner was forced to look on as Piers tucked into the popular fast-food meal in the studio.

Piers grilled Orla on what he saw as "rank hypocrisy" from vegans when it came to the environmental impact of eating meat as opposed to consuming exotic vegetables.

The host shared a photo of a bee on the screen and asked Orla: "Is one of these things an animal?" before digging: "If a bee is an animal, why are you slaughtering them?"

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He proceeded to argue: "I meet so many vegans who devour avocados and almonds and don't seem to realize that it involves the slaughter of billions of bees."

Morgan was referring to the likes of avocado farming, which uses pesticides that are deadly to bees, and tropical fruits which often have to be flown or shipped to the UK and results in greater CO2 production.

Orla argued that "both avocados and almonds are less damaging to the planet" than meat before Piers hit back: "What about how they get flown here from California?"

Then Piers delivered a burger-shaped curve ball when he announced: "Anyway, look, I'm starving,", adding that she wasn't going to persuade him.

Ofcom confirmed the complaints related to the interview with the activist.

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