Piers Morgan ‘shut down’ by Chris Eubank ITV Life Stories interview

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Life Stories viewers were stunned on Thursday night after sporting legend Chris Eubank came to verbal blows with host and interviewer Piers Morgan.

The boxer was the latest celeb to sit down on the hit ITV show to open up about his time in the spotlight.

Throughout the one hour special, there were multiple occasions when the two men seemingly came close to a full blown row.

Keen to get beyond the headlines, Piers delved into Chris' past antics which include money woes, shoplifting and claims of infidelity against his first wife.

One of the first tense moments came when Piers asked about the sporting great's childhood.

While just about every Life Stories interview had covered each guest's upbringing, Chris took offence at the word "violent" in relation to his father.

Piers had been talking about Chris' father "taking off his belt" and using it.

Chris insisted he saw it was "steering" and not violence .

The boxer claimed that without strong discipline, "these youngsters would become menaces to themselves, never mind what society".

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Piers decided to try and move on to the next question but Chris was having none of it.

The defiant star hit back to the Good Morning Britain host: "Can I ask you, did you just purposefully cut me off?"

Later on in the show, Chris, 54, refused to tell Piers the make and model of the car he drives.

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Sticking to his guns, Chris simply told Susanna Reid's co-star he dries "a car" before he he accused Piers of "reverting to your early days in journalism".

Defending his probe, Piers added that he is not "trying to be a tabloid".

Piers said: "No, I am asking you for factual information and it seems to me what you are doing is, for some reason, you are slightly embarrassed about showing or talking about the excess that was going on."

Sparking back, Chris replied: ""I am not embarrassed, I am a gentleman.

"I never want to entertain in such a way where I am paying a price for it.

As Piers tried to cut in with a follow-up question, Chris snapped: “No sorry let me finish."

The professional boxer also appeared to have his guard up when asked about possible infidelities.

When Piers asked him directly about claims he cheated on his first wife, Chris simply replied: "I always came home to my wife."

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