Piers Morgan rows with guest for comparing Churchill's 'racist' views to Hitler

Piers Morgan clashed with one of his guests for comparing Winston Churchill’s ‘racist’ views to Adolf Hitler.

The Good Morning Britain host was joined by Professor Kehinde Andrews, from Birmingham City University, to discuss the recent takedown of a slave trader’s statue in Bristol.

Over the weekend, the Black Lives Matter protesters divided opinion when they pulled down the statue of Edward Colston and rolled it into the harbour.

Since then, Piers has been quizzing his guests over whether or not other statues should be removed – including that of Nelson Mandela and the former Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

‘Would you want to get rid of Churchill’s statue?’ the 55-year-old asked Professor Andrews.

‘Churchill did some good things,’ the professor stated, before ruffling Piers’s feathers.

‘Let’s be honest, Churchill is also responsible for the deaths of many black people, Churchill was a eugenicist, in fact, Churchill and Hitler probably would have agreed on many things when it came to racism.’

Interrupting, the controversial presenter threw his support behind Churchill, and defended the war leader, as he added: ‘Come on… You see this is the trouble, we have had this debate before and this is where you don’t just lose me, you lose the vast majority of the British public.

‘Winston Churchill, when this country was threatened with the greatest threat to civilisation we have ever had from Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, he almost single-handedly rallied this country to defeat the most racist person there has ever been.

‘That’s why I said to you, you can paint a negative picture of the early life of Nelson Mandela too.’

Explaining himself further, the father-of-four stated: ‘I’m not equating them, but when you equate Churchill to Hitler, you’re making a comparison that I’m offended by too.’

Shaking his head, Professor Andrews said: ‘It’s not offensive, it’s the reality when you look at the eugenicist and his views at the time and the views of the Nazis at the time, the idea of racial science was quite popular in Europe and America it wasn’t so separate.’

But Piers refused to drop his point on Mandela, who used violent means to kill people, and pressed: ‘You’re not prepared, and I say this respectfully, you’re not prepared to receive any criticism of Mandela even though Mandela himself criticised himself and said he wasn’t a saint.

‘He used violence for political motivation.’

‘Now I think it was when you look at Mandela and totality he is a great man like Churchill,’ Piers said. ‘But what is interesting to me, is that you’re not prepared to have some criticism of Mandela, but you are prepared to equate Churchill to Hitler.

‘And that appears to me your view of it is skewed.’

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