Piers Morgan brands care home epidemic 'criminal negligence' as death toll soars

Piers Morgan has branded the care home epidemic ‘criminal negligence’.

It was recently claimed that some hospitals are sending coronavirus patients back into care homes without telling the staff who care for the elderly.

The Care Quality Commission is said to be looking into the allegations after several care home managers made the accusations.

Kate Terroni, the watchdog’s chief inspector of adult social care, told MailOnline: ‘We have heard of a few incidents where this has happened and it has resulted in infections spreading to other residents in the care home. 

‘In cases where it looks like the information wasn’t disclosed by the hospital, we are looking at whether the hospital breached their regulations and whether we can take action. It’s an issue we take really seriously.’ 

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Addressing the claims on Good Morning Britain, Piers fumed to Dr Hilary Jones over potentially ill people being discharged from hospital too soon.

He said: ‘Was it common sense to send them home without testing, or was it criminal negligence?

‘Care homes have been completely overrun, the success story is that the NHS wasn’t overrun, and the new hospitals had to close – but that’s because they were sent home.

‘This is an ongoing thing, a lot of young people bought into, it only kills the old, their lives matter less. They don’t.’

Dr Hilary then explained how when the patients were sent home, there wasn’t enough tests to see whether or not they had Covid-19.

‘I agree that every life lost is a tragedy,’ the GP said. ‘But what was the best alternative for elderly patients? To stay in hospital, which was a dangerous environment?

‘Or go home to care homes where the staff are trained to look after them?’

He went onto say that specialist training required to work with the elderly and told Piers how this isn’t seen in hospitals.

‘What about the Nightingale Hospitals?’ the host quizzed. ‘Why didn’t we send them there?

‘Hospitals not being used and we’re sending back elderly people with the virus into care homes and we now have an epidemic swinging through care homes. To me that is negligence.’

More than 38,000 deaths have been registered in the UK where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, including suspected cases.

At least 40% of those deaths have occurred in care homes, the Official of National Statistics said.

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