Piers Morgan accuses JK Rowling of ‘playing the victim’ in anti-trans row

Piers Morgan has accused JK Rowling of ‘playing the victim’ when addressing the backlash against her recent comments about the transgender community, but admits he doesn’t think her original tweets were ‘shocking’. 

The Harry Potter author was accused of being transphobic after posting a tweet about trans women, prompting the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson to publicly denounce her comments to stand with the trans community. 

Weighing in on the row, Piers said on Monday’s Good Morning Britain: ‘It didn’t seem to me to be a particularly shocking thing, she simply said when people menstruate, isn’t that women?’ 

Defending her trans comment, Piers later added: ‘I’m just seeing the abuse that JK Rowling got from people who claim to be for [equality] it’s just absolutely outrageous. 

‘It’s an important debate, there’s no straight answer, it’s not easy.

‘Most of what JK Rowling said to me wasn’t that offensive, and yet she’s destroyed. It’s a debate that needs to be had in a fair and sensible way.’ 

However, Piers did take issue with Rowling sharing her domestic abuse and sexual assault ordeals in a lengthy letter in which she explained her trans comments. 

‘She’s led pile-ons on me for years so it’s quite ironic to watch her cop it now as well and inevitably playing the victim. 

‘I’m using that term in the sense that there seems to be a thing at the moment where people get into hot water, we saw it with Kyle Walker the footballer caught breaking lockdown and out comes the victim card. 

‘The debate should be about what JK Rowling said and whether what she said is offensive to trans women.’ 

Celebrity Big Brother star India Willoughby, who is a trans woman, went on to answer that for Piers and said: ‘I do actually think she’s transphobic and I think that’s down to where she’s been educated.’ 

However actress Nicole Gibson, who is also a trans woman, disagreed and admitted she didn’t find Rowling’s comments offensive. 

‘I can only answer myself and I’m not offended in the slightest,’ Gibson said. 

‘The trans activists who are doing a lot of the talking have a chip on their shoulder and are aggressive in how they’re putting it across. I don’t want to live in a world where people can’t say men and women. Trans isn’t normal.’ 

Piers later shared his confusion over the meaning of TERF – trans-exclusionary radical feminist – and said: ‘There’s a TERF war but nobody actually outside a small number of people actually understand what a TERF is. 

‘All of this is just nonsense cultural war transgression.’ 

He added: ‘I felt uncomfortable about that, not to denigrate what she went through but she never said this before. Was she doing that to basically get the heat off her?’ 

But his co-host Susanna Reid then tried to bring the debate to a close and said: ‘I feel very uncomfortable in criticising someone who’s very brave in coming forward.’ 

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