Peter Andre deletes vid of Princess swimming with dolphins after coming under fire from animal rights campaigners

PETER Andre has deleted a video of his daughter Princess swimming with dolphins after coming under fire from PETA.

The 48-year-old singer admitted he is "always learning" after clashing with animal rights campaigners and taking down the holiday clips.

Doting dad Pete came under fire earlier this month for sharing footage of the 13-year-old swimming with dolphins in captivity in Portugal.

Princess, who the Flava singer shares with ex-wife Katie Price, had begged Peter to allow her to fulfil her "life-long dream" of seeing dolphins up close.

Shortly after posting a video of Princess breaking down in tears over the surprise, he was contacted by animal rights organisation PETA.

Slammed by activists and facing backlash, Pete admitted he did the "wrong thing" and quickly deleted evidence of the activity from social media.

Joking it had been "Peter vs PETA", the singer admitted he had now been educated about the "damage done to dolphins in captivity".

Writing in his OK! magazine column, the father-of-four explained he previously wasn't "aware" but wouldn't "make the same mistake twice".

"It was a case of Peter vs PETA recently after I revealed I had edited footage of Princess swimming with dolphins in Portugal," he wrote.

"The animal rights group weren't necessarily having a go – just trying to get the point across about what goes on with dolphins in captivity.

"Initially, I just thought, 'wouldn’t this be a brilliant experience for my daughter as it’s her dream?' But when PETA sent me a letter, I realised the extent of the damage done to dolphins in captivity.

"You can either turn a blind eye or become educated and spread the word so everyone else is aware.

"At the end of the day, we’re always learning and I’m not going to get everything right every time. I’ll continue to make mistakes, but I’ll try not to make the same ones twice."

Peter was left horrified when the animal rights charity complained over the video of Princess' dolphin swim, and took to Instagram to discuss it.

Last week, the star told how he'd received a letter from PETA that had spurred him to edit out the swim from the video.

He explained: "PETA told me about the treatment of animals in these enclosures, and reading through I've said 'right, that's it'.

"I've said, 'I'm going to take the video down, we're going to re-edit the video, we're going to put a brand new thumbnail up So anyone can enjoy this video without having to see any dolphins in captivity.

"What you will see, however, is the dolphins swimming in the wild which is beautiful. So, we live and learn don't we."

PETA's site explains how these dolphins often die far younger than those in the wild and live in misery due to cramped pools

The organisation thanked Peter for taking action and spreading the message, while fans praised Pete for being open to change.

During the original video, Princess, 13, burst into tears and hugged her dad after he revealed the surprise she had been waiting for.

He told the camera: "My lovely daughter Princess has always dreamed of swimming with dolphins and I was supposed to do it for her birthday last year but it didn't happen because of lockdown and everything.

"So I've brought her here today and she has no idea that she is going to meet a dolphin face-to-face."

The camera then panned to a dolphin centre before returning to Princess, who can be seen standing in shock.

Covering her hand over her mouth, her dad asked her how long she has wanted to swim with dolphins and burst into tears over the activity.

The rest of the vlog showed Princess and her siblings swimming and petting the dolphins, calling it the "best day ever".

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