Ozark fans demand answers about ‘forgotten’ death of casino owner Anita after brutal drowning in season 3 – The Sun

AVID Ozark fans are demanding answers about the 'forgotten' death of casino owner Anita in season three.

The elderly character falls into the water and drowns while her husband Carl turns his back and walks away.

One Netflix fan said: "Don’t you think there should’ve been more of an investigation about the death of the old casino owner (i think her name was Anita or something).

"The husband just killed her and that was end of, I think it would’ve been more realistic if the community actually noticed her death.

"Correct me if I’m wrong but it literally does not get mentioned at all for the rest of the season. a bit weird to me."

Others fans agreed and one viewer wrote on Reddit: "Me too. I felt her death was ignored too easily."

The incident comes as the couple argue following Marty and Wendy Bryde's attempt to take over their casino to increase their own empire.

Anita, played by Marceline Hugot and her husband Carl (Adam LeFevre) fall victim to the pair's underhand tactics as they attempt to divide and conquer the couple.

With Carl passionately trying to save his casino, Anita sees the offer as an opportunity to get rid of the failing business.

Following a generous offer from Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer) they agree to sell to the Byrdes (Laura Linney and Jason Bateman).

But it's not long before they go back on the offer, meaning Wendy has to adopt a different tactic to get her way.

She ends up rigging their machine slots to pay out huge sums which Carl and Anita simply cannot afford.

Anita's shocking death happens when she confront her husband for secretly meeting with Wendy.

Berating him, she goes as far as to say: "I should've married your brother" before poking at his head with her finger.

Carl lashes out and pushes her away, but watches on as she continues to fall down into the river before walking away.

The season three finale of Ozark aired earlier this year, but all episodes are available to view on Netflix.

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