'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan Warns Fans That the Season 5 Finale Will Be 'Tough' to Watch

Outlander fans might be in for a rough season 5 finale. Outlander star Sam Heughan just warned that the last episode of the season will be “tough to watch,” sending fans into early panic mode. With the season 5 finale of Outlander right around the corner, here’s everything we know about this year’s grand finale.

What’s ahead for the ‘Outlander’ season 5 finale?

In the penultimate episode for season 5, titled “Journeycake,” fans were left shocked after the Browns kidnapped Claire (Caitriona Balfe), a move that basically forced Jamie to declare war.

Luckily, the episode featured plenty of romance between Jamie andClaire, which helped soften the blow of her kidnapping. Even still, the stakesare higher than ever for next Sunday’s episode of Outlander, and thereis no telling what Jamie will do to get Claire back.

That said, it is going to be difficult for Jamie to rescue Claireall on his own. While the last thing anyone wants to do is take on an angryJamie Fraser, the Brown brothers are capable of just about anything at thispoint.

Fans are naturally worried about Jamie and Claire’s safety, butthey are also concerned about the series separating the couple once again. Thisis especially true if Jamie fails to get Claire back before the finale is over.

Taking to social media, some fans wondered if the series wasgoing to separate the couple once again. Outlander has not released anydetails about the plot for the finale, but let’s hope another 20-year separationis not in the cards.

Sam Heughan teases a ‘tough’ ‘Outlander’ finale

In a special Q&A session on Twitter, Heughan answered a slew ofquestions from fans about the upcoming finale. After one fan asked what wasahead in the final episode of season 5, Heughan teased that it was going to bea “tough” one.

“Expect the unexpected,” Sam Heughan stated. “It’s a gripping and a tough ep. Let’s hope the Frasers make it together…”

The Outlander star did not reveal any more details relatedto the finale. The only thing we can say for certain is that Jamie has his workcut out if he wants to bring his family back together. As far as fans areconcerned, Heughan’s comment did not clam anyone down.

“This is so not comforting. I’m equally terrified &excited,” one fan wrote, while another added, “How many drinks willthis episode require?”

To make things even worse, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) have seemingly returned to their own time, so Jamie is all on his own on this one. The only hint that synopsis provides is that Roger and Brianna’s story “takes a surprising turn.”

Fans have speculated that this might mean Brie and Roger willtime travel to somewhere new instead of going back to their time. But we’llhave to wait and see how their storyline shakes out.

Is Fraser’s Ridge going to burn?

The mystery of when Fraser’s Ridge will burn has haunted fans allseason long. One of the reasons Brianna traveled back in time in the firstplace was because she discovered Jamie and Claire’s obituary that revealed theydied in a house fire.

The obit does not give an exact date as the last digit wassmudged, but we do know that the fire happened at some point in the 1770s.

This has led to some speculation that Fraser’s Ridge will burn tothe ground in the coming finale, though whether or not Jamie and Claire willfall victim to the fire is unknown. As Jamie has previously pointed out, theobit could be misleading.

Outlander has, however, dropped a few sudden hints about a coming fire. For starters, Lionel Brown has an injury from a fire and was super suspicious about Claire looking at it. The Brown brothers are clearly willing to do whatever it takes to take Jamie down, so burning down Fraser’s Ridge in the process would not be a big surprise.

Fans can see what happens to Jamie and Claire when the season 5finale of Outlander airs Sunday night on Starz.

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