'Outlander' Season 5: What Happened When Brianna Encountered a Buffalo?

Season 5 of Outlander is shaping up to be the best season yet. Episode 9 held a surprising encounter between Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and a buffalo. So what happened and is Bri alright? Read on to find out. There are major spoilers ahead for Outlander season 5.

What happens when Brianna encounters a buffalo?

This week held a lot of twists and turns for the maincharacters. Brianna came face to face with a buffalo and things didn’t go wellat first. A buffalo stumbles near the house asBrianna returns from being inside to get a drink. She sees Jemmy on the groundjust feet away from the buffalo.

Bri immediately goes into full-on mommy warrior mode. She tries to get the buffalo to go towards her. “Here! Over here!” Brianna screams at the buffalo to get it away from her son. She puts her arms up in the air and waves them around to coax it closer. It charges at Brianna as she runs in the opposite direction. The buffalo hits Brianna and kicks her up onto the floor.

Just then, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) uses her firearm to shoot the buffalo. Brianna seems totally unhurt as she races towards Jemmy to comfort him. It looks like the people of Fraser’s Ridge will be eating good off that buffalo now. Everyone appears unharmed and safe, which is a major relief. Luckily Bri was able to get the buffalo away from Jemmy long enough for Claire to shoot it dead.

That wasn’t even the main drama in episode 9

Brianna’s father, Jamie (Sam Heughan), is the one with thereal problems this week. While hunting, he gets bitten by a venomous snake. He mustrely on Roger (Richard Rankin) to keep him alive until help finally finds them.

Once Jamie is taken to Claire (Caitriona Balfe), it seems like a leg amputation is in his future. Since Claire’s syringe was broken, there’s no way to get him the much-needed penicillin. Luckily, Brianna is quick-thinking and saves the day. Roger saved the snakehead to help Claire save Jamie, which gives Bri an idea.

“Wait! Did you know that pit vipers have beautifulengineering?” Brianna asks her mother. “Their fangs are connected to a venomsack in their cheek, so when they bite down the cheek muscle squeezes the venomout of the sack down through the fang and into their prey.”

“What?” Claire asks her daughter.

“Momma, the fangs are hollow,” Bri tells her.

Brianna created a syringe of sorts to allow the medicine to get into Jamie’s bloodstream. Claire is able to get the penicillin into Jamie’s wound and he starts to recover. It’s nice to see something good come out of the more than stressful situation.

It looks like both father and daughter will live to see another day. Fans can’t wait to see what the rest of season 5 holds. Check back for the latest information on season 5 of Outlander.

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