Netflix's A Secret Love Follows 6-Decade Romance Between Two Women Who Finally Decide to Come Out

The love story between Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel is finally getting the spotlight it deserves.

The couple is at the center of Netflix’s upcoming documentary A Secret Love, and the trailer released Thursday shows how they met, fell in love and continued to hide their relationship for six decades. The documentary will hit Netflix on April 29.

The trailer starts with Donahue and Henschel touring a retirement facility and learning they’d be the first same-sex couple to stay there, which launches into their story. It then flips back and forth as it highlights the struggles of the LGBTQ community as they attempted to live their lives together.

The two met as young women in 1947, when Donahue was 22 and Henschel was 18. Donahue played catcher in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, the women’s league featured in the hit 1992 movie A League of Their Own.

But while they kept up appearances on the outside, Donahue and Henschel were very much in love.

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“We always wore dresses, makeup. The whole thing. Anybody who was not gay, they simply didn’t know,” Donahue says in the trailer.

“I felt like I was sort of living a lie. I loved my mother but she would’ve disowned me,” Henschel says.

The trailer follows as the couple decide to come out to their family, who always knew them as longtime friends and roommates. A Secret Love was even directed by Donahue’s great-nephew Christopher Bolan, who started filming their story after they came out to him in 2009.

“I think love is love and it’s the most important thing,” Donahue says at one point.

“What she means to me? She means everything to me,” Henschel says in a teary interview.

In the end, Bolan points out how Donahue has “kind of broke the rules your whole life.”

“Yes, I have,” she answers. “That’s why I’m happy. No regrets — I’d do it all over again.”

A Secret Love, produced by Ryan Murphy, starts streaming on Netflix April 29.

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