NCIS Los Angeles season 12 spoilers: Mac return ‘confirmed’ by showrunner

The coronavirus pandemic has put television production around the world on hold, but that hasn’t stopped NCIS Los Angeles from delivering its most thrilling season yet. At the CBS series takes a well-earned break, the showrunner confirmed a fan favourite character will be making their return.


The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has forced populations around the world to remain indoors under strict lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus.

Entertainment industries are no exception, and several popular television series have been put on an unexpected hiatus due to the current restrictions.

Thrilling procedural drama NCIS Los Angeles counted itself among the vast number of series forced to wrap their current seasons early due to the spread of COVID-19.

Season eleven concluded on April 26 with a shorter run of just 22 episodes, with the remaining two instalments left incomplete amid the lockdown.


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Thankfully, it has been confirmed the ongoing arcs will rollover into the beginning of season 12.

This means the onslaught of unanswered questions and cliffhangers in the premature season 11 finale will be picked up when season 12 hopefully returns in 2021.

Current showrunner R. Scott Gemmill recently revealed some tantalising info regarding a key character making their highly anticipated return. 

Also known for his work on parent series JAG, from which the NCIS franchise was born, Gemmill was able to bring back original character Sarah ‘Mac’ Mackenzie (played by Catherine Bell) back into the fold in the season 10 finale.

Not seen since her lead role in classic series JAG, Catherine appeared alongside her former co-star Harmon ‘Harm’ Rabb (David James Elliott), and discussed the possibility of rekindling their relationship at the beginning of season 11.

Now, it seems Mac will once again make a surprise cameo on the show, as Gemmill previewed a brief synopsis for what would have been this year’s gripping finale.

Speaking to TVLine, Gemmill confirmed: “Our guys get sucked back in to help Mac, and find themselves racing against the clock to prevent Argento (played by Good Behavior‘s Juan Riedinger), and those secretly working on his behalf, from getting away with murder.”

Although Mac appeared in the season 11 premiere working for the State Department, some fans were confused by her military outfit when she reappeared in episode 22, Code of Conduct.

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Throughout the latest episode, G Callen (Chris O’Donnell), Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) and the team travel to Afghanistan to investigate a potential threat.

The NCIS team raced against the clock to confirm whether or not potentially dangerous Navy chief Argento (Juan Riedinger) had in fact gone rogue, killing a sedated prisoner and a number of civilians.

Episode 22 left plenty of plot threads hanging in the balance, and Gemmill confirmed the thrilling mystery surrounding Argento will continue when the series returns after the lockdown.

The showrunner teased: “Argento has no intentions of going down without a fight — even if it means taking everyone else with him.”


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“He still has some dirty tricks up his sleeve which threaten to destroy the case against him along with more innocent lives.”

Meanwhile, executive producer added to TV Insider: “The trial of Argento and his mano a mano [hand-to-hand] morality battle with Sam, we will pick that up next year. It won’t be the first episode.”

CBS has not yet confirmed whether NCIS Los Angeles will return for season 12, but it’s safe to assume the series will be back on screens as each episode continues to pull in millions of viewers.

NCIS season 11 is available for catch-up on CBS All Access.

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