Meet the cast of the Netflix mystery series 1899

1899: Trailer for period thriller series from Netflix

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1899 airs on Netflix on November 17 and it follows a female doctor travelling alone to the US. On board the ship, she discovers a mystery that puts the whole crew and fleet of passengers in danger. has all you need to know about who stars in the series.

Who is in 1899?

Maura Franklin – Emily Beecham

Maura is a neurologist and is one of the first female doctors in the UK.

She is played by Emily Beecham, a 38-year-old English actress and singer, known for her roles in Into the Badlands and Daphne.

The star also won a Cannes Film Festival award for Best Actress in the 2019 film, Little Joe.

Eyk Larsen – Andreas Pietschmann

Eyk is the ship’s captain who is hiding some dark secrets of his own, having suffered a devastating loss.

He is played by Andreas Pietschmann, a 53-year-old German theatre, film and TV actor.

Having started his career in football, he turned his attention to theatre during his military service.

The star attended drama school in 1993 and went on to feature in the series Dark and Vier gegen Z.

Ángel – Miguel Bernardeau

Ángel is a wealthy Spaniard who has little regard for others on the ship.

He is played by Miguel Bernardeau, a 25-year-old Spanish actor who fans may recognise as Guzmán Nunier Osuna from the Netflix series, Elite.

He has since taken on some new projects including the Disney Plus series The Last One, and the series Playa Negra.

Ramiro – José Pimentão

Ramiro is a priest travelling with Ángel and he likes to keep himself out of trouble.

He is played by José Pimentão, a Portuguese actor known for his roles in Al Berto, Amadeo and Eva.

Olek – Maciej Musiał

Olek is a Polish stoker who has a kind heart, and he is played by Maciej Musiał.

The 27-year-old star and TV personality was a teen idol in Poland and has co-presented The Voice of Poland.

In 2019, he was included for his work on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Europe list in the Entertainment category.

Fans may recognise him for his role as Sir Lazlo in The Witcher.

Clémence – Mathilde Ollivier

Clémence is a young woman from the Paris elite who is travelling with her new husband Lucien.

She is played by Mathilde Ollivier, a 28-year-old French actress, model and producer.

Fans may recognise the Vogue model for her roles in Overlord and Boss Level.

Lucien – Jonas Bloquet

Lucien is a disturbed man who is aware of the cracks in his recent marriage.

He is played by Jonas Bloquet, a 30-year-old Belgian actor known for his roles in Private Lessons and Elle.

Ling Yi – Isabella Wei

Ling Yi is a troubled and mysterious Chinese woman who is travelling with her mother.

She is played by Isabella Wei, an 18-year-old actress from Hong Kong who is relatively new to the world of acting.

Her only other credit was in the short project, Our 4°c – Able World.

Yuk Je – Gabby Wong

Yuk Je is Ling Yi’s mother and she is played by Gabby Wong.

The star is a Hong Kong actress who played Wona Goban in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The theatre actress’s other credits include After the World Ended and Random 11.

Virginia – Rosalie Craig

Virginia is a wealthy British woman who sees herself as the ship’s socialite.

She is played by Rosalie Craig, a 41-year-old English actress known for her musical theatre roles.

In 2021 she had a small role in Netflix’s Centaurworld and has appeared in Spooks, Endeavour and Midsomer Murders.

Anker – Alexandre Willaume

Anker is a religious Danish man travelling with his family after a traumatic event.

He is played by Alexandre Willaume, a Danish actor who has starred in Home Fires and Tomb Raider.

Fans may also recognise him as Kjartan from The Last Kingdom.

Iben – Maria Erwolter

Iben is Anker’s wife and she relies on the voice of God to guide her.

She is played by Maria Erwolter, a 45-year-old actress from Denmark who has starred in The Ritual, Darkland and Rig 45.

Krester – Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen

Krester is the son of Anker and Iben and the scar on his face is a talking point on the ship.

He is played by Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen, a 22-year-old actor from Denmark.

The star has appeared in The Rain, Borgen and Tidsrejsen.

Tove – Clara Rosager

Tove is Krester’s pregnant sister and she is played by Clara Rosager.

Clara is a 26-year-old Danish actress and model who starred as Sarah in Netflix’s The Rain.

Viewers may also recognise her from Morbius, Before the Frost and Journal 64.

Jérôme – Yann Gael

Jérôme is a boxer from France who is concealing plenty of secrets.

He is played by Yann Gael, a 36-year-old French-Cameroonian actor.

The star has appeared in Saloum and They Had a Dream.

Elliot – Fflyn Edwards

Elliot is a mysterious young boy aboard the Kerberos who befriends Maura.

He is played by Fflyn Edwards, whose previous credits include The Snow Spider, Her Majesty and Save the Cinema.

Daniel – Aneurin Barnard

Daniel is a curious man who remains a mystery to all on board the ship.

He is played by Aneurin Barnard, a 35-year-old Welsh actor and musician.

He is known for his roles in The White Queen, Dunkirk and The Goldfinch.

The series also stars Isaak Dentler as Franz, and Martin Greis-Rosenthal and Anton Lesser in undisclosed roles.

1899 airs on Netflix on November 17.

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