Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth Spotted on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Set for First Time

The roles of Damon and the older Hemsworth brother are likely uncovered as both of them have been pictured joining the production of the Marvel movie in Sydney, Australia.

AceShowbiz -The first pictures of Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth on the set of “Thor: Love and Thunder” have surfaced online, confirming reports that they will be making cameos in the upcoming Marvel movie. Both actors were spotted filming for the upcoming installment of the Thor film series in Sydney, Australia.

The photos obtained by paparazzi are also believed to have potentially given away Damon and Hemsworth’s roles. They previously portrayed Asgardian actors who played Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in “Thor: Ragnarok” and it appears that they’re reprising the same roles.

In the grainy images, Damon and the old Hemsworth brother were seen wearing the same clothes that were sported by Loki and Thor in “Thor: Ragnarok” scene, during which their father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) died. It seems that they will be acting out the death of the Allfather.

Supporting the speculation about Damon and Hemsworth’s cameos, other set pictures showed the movie’s crew building what looks like an outdoor amphitheater, where Damon and Hemsworth’s characters could perform. Sam Neill, meanwhile, has been rumored to reprise his role as an actor playing Odin.

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Damon first hinted at his return for “Thor: Love and Thunder” after he announced in January of this year that he’s taking his family Down Under. “I’m so excited that my family and I will be able to call Australia home for the next few months,” he said in a statement to local press, as quoted by CNET, at the time.

Confirming that he’s in Aussie for a movie project, he added in the statement, “Australian film crews are world-renowned for their professionalism and are a joy to work with so the 14 days of quarantine will be well worth it.”

Other actors, including Natalie Portman, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Tessa Thompson, had all been quarantining before they joined the cast and crew on the set. The Hemsworth brothers, meanwhile, have been living in Australia with their families.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is directed by Taiki Waititi and is slated for a May 6, 2022 release in the United States.

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