Masked Dancer fans spot 'clue' Frog is Kelly Osbourne after celebs FINALLY speak on last night's show

FANS of The Masked Dancer have spotted a "clue" that proves Kelly Osbourne is Frog after the celebs FINALLY spoke last night.

Until now, the hints about Frog's identity have been vague, noting them only as someone known to travel across the pond from the UK to the US.

But last night fans were convinced they worked out that it was Kelly, 36, behind the mask as three further clues pointed in her direction.

The first came during the performance, when a back up dancer appeared like a jack-in-the-box, which could have referred to Kelly's brother, Jack.

While the word "Ozzy" instead of "Australia" was written on the set – perhaps referencing Kelly's dad, Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne.

Thirdly, there was a reference to the George Orwell novel 1984, which just so happens to be the same year that Kelly was born in.

One viewer started the debate: "@KellyOsbourne is the frog. The word OZZY was written instead of Australia. And the Jack in the Box. And she was born in 1984."

Another chimed in: "'Ozzy' on the map, 'Jack' in the box, Ref to George Orwell – she was born in 1984. It's Kelly Osbourne!"

"Jack in a box – jack osbourne, oozy – ozzy osbourne, big brother – big brother celebrity frog is kelly osbourne i’m calling it," a third added.

However, not all viewers were so sure after the celebrities were able to say one word without their voices being distorted for the first time ever.

Frog chose the word "perfection", which appeared in a clear female voice, but with a thicker than expected American accent.

"It's all pointing towards Kelly Osbourne but the voice wasn't hers," a fan remarked, throwing Frog's identity back into doubt.

Frog joins remaining mystery celebs Beagle, Knickerbocker Glory, Squirrel, Llama, Carwash, Scarecrow, and Zip on The Masked Dancer.

Two more celebrities are expected to be unmasked tonight, as four have already made an exit from the show.

So far, Rubber Chicken was unmasked as Eddie the Eagle, Beetroot at Dita Von Teese, Flamingo as Louise Redknapp and Viper as Jordan Banjo.

While Frog's identity is causing some trouble, fans are convinced they know who Llama is after Tuesday night's show gave away more clues.

During Llama's performance, the theme tune for BBC show Line of Duty could be heard playing – as fans thinking it could be Vicky McClure under the mask.

If this wasn't enough to point the finger, one of Llama's clues also showed a fan with AC-12 written on it in a nod to the popular drama.

Vicky teased fans on her social media following the speculation, writing: "Been an aLLAM’ingly hot day!"

The Masked Dancer continues on Friday night at 7:30pm on ITV

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