Married At First Sight Australia’s Ines Basic in shock crash as she shows off smashed-up car after accident

MARRIED At First Sight Australia’s Ines Basic has been involved in a shock car crash as she shows off her BOYFRIEND’S smashed-up vehicle after the accident. 

Thankfully the 30-year-old was left uninjured by the run-in but the same can’t be said for the flashy white Jeep, which is now suffering from a busted wing mirror amongst other scrapes. 

Ines shared her mishap with fans on her Instagram Stories. Alongside a photo of her car, she wrote: “I have a problem with reversing into shopping mall poles.”

However, the MAFS star didn’t seem too upset about the damage to her car which included scraping the side and locking her into the driver's seat – in addition to knocking the right mirror off. 

Ines told her followers: “Oh, my god, you guys. I can't stop laughing. Like, my god. I can't believe my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to drive his Mercedes.

“Like sure, if you want half a car, absolutely I want to drive it. Oh, my god.”

“I outdid myself today,” she added. 

Looking a little worried, the social media influencer went on to reveal she couldn’t get out of the car as the door was jammed.

“Oh, my god, you guys. I can't get out of my car, and I just realised there's more damage,” she said.

“I didn't think it was this bad. Look, like, I'm trapped in it. The door's jammed.”

It’s fair to say Ines Basic was not the most popular contestant on Married At First Sight Australia season 6.

After a cheating scandal with another woman's husband and her constant cutting remarks to the camera, she has certainly become one of the most talked about contestants ever.

Ines was originally coupled up with Bronson Norrish but things took a turn when she and Sam Ball realised they had feelings for each other. 

There wasn’t a happy ending for Ines unfortunately and she split with both her husband and Sam, and she recently revealed the show left her wanting to end her life.

Viewers were outraged after seeing Ines and Sam romp behind their spouses’ backs in a hotel room.

Sam, 26, has since claimed the alleged 'affair' was completely fake and staged by producers after they forced him into acting a certain way.

Taking to his Instagram Story, Sam claimed: "Thank you to all you guys in the UK enjoying the show because I'm about to ruin it for you.”

Discussing the Ines scenes, he said: "They pulled me into a dark room and asked me to do the Ines scenes – they set that up. They made Ines DM me on the phone, that was all staged.

"I did what I was asked to do with all of that. I didn't really care what it looked like. I was in the zone. I've acted before in TV commercials and it was a job for me.

"I got paid to do this by the way. I got paid to do this, just like everyone else."

Ines has also claimed producers edited certain things to make it out that the demise of the relationship was on her and even cut the moment that Bronson said he was "into open relationships".

She told the Mail: "I attempted suicide during filming so I got PTSD from it. It really f***ed me up and I had to keep filming and I was like oh my God."

The star added that her friend died, her dad and mum split up and she came under fire for secretly hooking up with Sam Ball in an 'affair' he claims was completely staged.

She went on: "I lost all my body weight. I had to be carried from scene to scene. I was so weak.”

Since leaving the show Ines has become a full-time Instagram influencer in Australia, and has worked with top beauty brands and been flown to Los Angeles for product launches.

The reality star has also had a number of cosmetic treatments since leaving the show, including fillers and veneers, totalling £25,000.

She told The Sun of her noticeably slimmer face: "I get Botox in my masseter muscles, that's why my face now looks a lot different."

The star also teased she was having a nose job, telling her Instagram followers seeing herself on TV was "another reminder" of her surgery plans.

She teased to fans: "A potential surgery coming. Dare I say it will be evident when you see me on TV in the new year."

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