Mark Labbett blasts Bradley Walsh for lying about The Chase

Mark Labbett shuts down Bradley Walsh for 'lying' about playing The Chase

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Bradley Walsh welcomed players Carina, Susan, Paul and Jacob onto the latest instalment of The Chase. Bradley has been presenting the programme since it landed on ITV back in 2009. However, the 62-year-old host was quickly shut down by Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett when he claimed he’d “played the game many, many times”. 

Carina was the first player to go up against Mark on the programme but she was soon sent home after getting caught out by the 57-year-old quizzer. 

Librarian Susan was the next player to face The Beast after raising an impressive £6,000 in her opening round. 

She was playing against the chaser for £6,000 and sailed her way through to the final.

However, The Beast swiped: “You’re a decent player but you’re not good enough to make it into the final on your own.”

The third player, Jacob, raised £6,000 in his opening round as well which he was thrilled with. 

He took The Beast’s low offer of £1,000 before they went head to head on the game show. 

It paid off and he joined Susan in the final which brought the prize money up to £7,000. 

Paul, the final player of the night, played the Chaser for £64,000 after taking Mark up on his higher offer. 

Unfortunately, Paul’s risk did not pay off and he missed out on a place in the final. 

During the episode, Bradley told viewers: “You don’t come to the cash builder with £6,000 and not be a good player – let me tell you that. 

“I know, I’ve played the game many, many times!”

However, Mark called Bradley out following his claim and fumed: “No, you have never played the game.

“One day, one day, I want you to actually play this game.”

Bradley awkwardly laughed after The Beast caught him out in a lie and made excuses as to why he had not played The Chase before. 

The presenter explained: “I am too busy trying to run it here, trying to ringmaster this circus.” 

Later on in the episode, Jacob and Susan tried their hardest to beat The Beast in a tense final round after answering 13 questions correctly. 

Despite their best efforts, Mark caught the pair out which meant they walked away with nothing. 

Viewers took to Twitter as they thought the questions in the final were difficult, with Ruby Kathryn commenting: “Those were really hard!”

Ryan penned: “Dominant from @MarkLabbett tonight, well done The Beast!” 

The Chase airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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