Manpreet's new enemy in Emmerdale is Charles' mum and things just got awkward

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) got the shock of her life in Thursday’s (May 25) edition of Emmerdale as she met Claudette (Flo Wilson), Charles’ (Kevin Mathurin) mother.

Things were awkward from the word go as before Manpreet was even introduced to Claudette, they had already met in the café.

Manpreet had grabbed some breakfast after another argument with Charles.

While she was in the bathroom, Claudette entered and moved Manpreet’s empty cup and plate, assuming the mess on the table was from a small child.

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When Manpreet returned, she was annoyed to see Claudette had parked herself in the same seat she was in.

The two women clashed but ultimately, Claudette won, and Manpreet was sent on her way.

Back at home, as Charles went to answer the door, Manpreet’s face dropped when she came face to face with Claudette again, this time meeting her as her partner’s mum.

So awkward.

As Manpreet tried to get over the shock, Claudette was taken to David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) shop by Naomi (Karene Peter).

Claudette made her opinion on David’s shop perfectly clear, annoyed that she couldn’t find the right ingredients available for her meal and told David that she’d speak to the manager and get it sorted…unaware that he is the manager.

As Naomi and Charles enjoyed their dinner, tension was continuing to build between Claudette and Manpreet.

After dinner, as Manpreet finished tidying up, she was ranting away to Charles, telling him that his mum is pushing her to the limit.

She called Claudette a ‘total nightmare’ but didn’t want Charles to speak with her and get into an argument.

But as Manpreet vented, neither had any idea Claudette was in the hallway, listening to everything that was being said!

As the dynamic shifts in this household, can Claudette and Manpreet successfully live under the same roof?

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