Manifest season 4: Major death confirmed as creator drops haunting clue Brace yourselves

Manifest: NBC releases trailer for third season

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Fans demanded a fourth instalment of Manifest to wrap up the mystery, and it didn’t take long for Netflix to deliver. Originally airing on NBC, Jeff Rake’s hugely popular supernatural thriller is currently filming its final outing for the streamer, and a recent snap on the creator’s Twitter page has teased the death of at least one major character.

Jeff revealed a funeral will take place in Manifest season four, and fans have been desperately trying to work out who it could be for.

Following its initial cancellation in 2021, Netflix confirmed the exciting news of the show’s return just a couple of months after the third season finale.

Fans will finally get the answers they’ve been looking for after the most recent season of Manifest wrapped up with several cliffhangers and a number of loose threads.

Unfortunately, viewers may also get more than they bargained for as Jeff’s latest update has raised fears at least one major character will be killed off.

In his new Twitter post, he revealed an image of a coffin adorned with flowers surrounded by some of the cast, adding the caption “Brace yourselves”.

There is also a minister present and ready to read out a eulogy, so it’s almost certain that a prominent character will be put to rest in the next season.

One possibility could be Grace Stone (played by Athena Karkanis) who was already shown to have died at the end of season three.

Jeff’s warning to fans to brace themselves could simply mean Grace’s funeral will make for one of the most emotional episodes in the show’s history.

However, fans aren’t too convinced, as filming has already been underway for a while so, unless the series has been shot completely out of order, this funeral happens much later in the season.

As season four is hoped to bring Manifest to a satisfying close, devoted viewers should expect Jeff to bring out all the stops and ramp up the stakes for the final 20 episodes.

Series regulars Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, and JR Ramirez have all been confirmed to return.

Plus, Matt Long will be reprising his role as Zeke Landon after initial fears he may not be able to return due to scheduling conflicts.

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This means Zeke, Michaela, Ben and Jared could all be in danger of being killed off somehow, in addition to the show’s ensemble of major and supporting characters.

Underneath Jeff’s Twitter post, a number of fans logged their theories ahead of Manifest’s eventual return, and their predictions couldn’t be more varied.

Worried fan Mandy noticed: “I don’t see ANY of the Stones there? Why? What have you done to us?”

While Wynton Mohorn joked: “Me right now……. ‘God, Please let that be Zeke’s grave.’”

But Dado reasoned: “That’s definitely not Zeke. As far as I can remember Zeke never met Vance, so why would Vance be at his (hypothetical) funeral? This doesn’t sit right to me.”

“The obvious thing is to think it’s Grace, but as we don’t see any of the Stones we tend to think otherwise,” Cristina Alexandra speculated.

“They all filmed today, so it could be Grace, and remember that scenes are not always filmed in order.”

It’s still unclear which part of the season is being filmed in the photo, so fans will have to wait until the first block of the final instalment is released to find out.

Manifest season 4 will be released in late-2022 on Netflix.

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