Mama June’s daughter Anna says Pumpkin is raising Alana 'better' than their mom as teen seems 'more mature’

MAMA June’s daughter Anna Cardwell praised her sister ‘Pumpkin’ for doing a better job than their mother at raising Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. 

Anna, who is known as "Chickadee" on the family’s show, told The Sun exclusively: “Alana seems a lot better being raised by Pumpkin.” 

Pumpkin may be pregnant with her second child, but Anna says the 21-year-old can handle raising Alana, 15, in addition to her own children. 

“Pumpkin’s got it all, she’s got it. She has a good head on her shoulder. Alana is a lot more mature. Pumpkin makes sure everybody has all their stuff together.” 

The 26-year-old who has two children of her own, added “Alana is doing great in school these days."

Anna, who is the eldest in the family, added: “I’m proud that Pumpkin stepped up with Alana, and how she’s growing up."

Alana found out about Pumpkin's upcoming pregnancy during a recent episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption.

After hearing the news from her stepmother Jennifer, Alana locked herself in her room because she was upset that Pumpkin, 21, didn't tell her about it. 

Pumpkin kept the news from her because Alana had a lot "going on lately" with her money problems. 

Pumpkin said: "When you come back from Florida, you said you felt like a burden, and then you were in there cutting coupons a few days ago."

Alana responded: "You and [your husband] Josh are barely making ends meet right now. I mean, how are y'all gonna take care of all of us?"

Pumpkin comforted her doubts and replied: "We always figure it out, Alana, though. We may struggle for a little bit, but we always get back up. 

"These are things that I have to worry about, not you. You shouldn't be stressing."

In the confessional, June Shannon, 41, spoke about Pumpkin's parenting skills and revealed: "For many, many years I always struggled to make sure that the girls had what they need. 

"And now I wanna be more present so they won't have to struggle."

Mama June was recently reunited with all four of her daughters for the first time in years following a spiral into drug and alcohol abuse.  

In 2019, June was arrested on drug charges, including possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia charges in Alabama.  

She was arrested with her boyfriend Geno Doak, who was charged with third-degree domestic violence, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  

It is estimated that June spent a staggering $900,000 in a year on drugs.  

Recently, June made the bold statement in an Instagram post as she celebrated about being off drugs and alcohol for 16 months.  

June revisited her prison sentence in a preview trailer for the We TV show.   

At the beginning of the clip, June ensured her family and friends that she "will not be going to prison," but her boyfriend Geno exclaimed: "She's not listening to me."  

Mama previously escaped jail time for possession of crack cocaine by agreeing to do community service. 

The TV personality and her boyfriend were arrested for possession of crack cocaine in March of 2019.  

The pair had avoided prison time until this point, after agreeing to court supervision and community service.  

The Mama June: Road to Redemption star cannot use alcohol or drugs or visit places where they are used and sold, such as restaurants or bars. 

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