Major Love Island transformations – weight loss, bodybuilder and £800k OnlyFans

Washboard abs, whitened smiles, lots of hair, loads of tan and of course, oodles of skin on show – Love Island is not a show that generally entices shy or retiring types to apply.

If you're lucky enough to be selected, it catapults contestants to national fame where their every move is scrutinised – they go from unknowns to major celebs in a matter of weeks.

They’re now instantly recognisable – but would you recognise this lot?

These six former hopefuls and even winners of the show have gone to some pretty extreme lengths to alter what they look like.

Before or after? You decide…

Megan Barton-Hanson

Megan started out on Love Island as the sort of blonde “girl next door” – in her promo shot she sports sweet, flirty plaits and natural makeup.

She soon proved herself to be a bit of a series seductress though and since leaving the villa in 2018, the 26-year-old former model has transformed herself into a brunette babe, favouring sultry makeup and raunchy lingerie.

Her fans approve, of course. One gushed about her new chocolate hair colour: "Omg your blonde is gone! I love this shade though."

Megan has since become one of the show's biggest success stories, reportedly earning a whopping two £800,000 from her racy OnlyFans snaps.

The star has managed to buy her own house with her major earnings, telling The Sun: "Doing the site has definitely helped me buy my dream house and it’s given me all the money for new furniture.

"Loads of girls message me and ask for advice. I love how much you can control what you post on it.

"I can take the power back. The money side is great and amazing, but it’s also self indulgent. I love getting my hair and make-up done."

Curtis Pritchard

In a fairly unusual move, Curtis actually gained two stone while in the villa.

No criticism here but it’s not often we actually see contestants digging into pies or a Sunday lunch.

However, the 25-year-old dancer found a way – he confessed at the time to The Sun: “I enjoyed myself in the villa and I didn’t exercise a lot.

"I liked to treat myself every now and again with food.”

Fast forward to now and Curtis has become an ambassador for Weight Watchers and “feels great” and is “slimmer now than I’ve been in a long time”.

Harley Judge

He started out as a fresh-faced Romeo in 2017 – and even back then you could tell he was no stranger to the gym with his toned abs, strong legs and bulging biceps.

But since leaving the villa, Harley, 26, has taken being tanked to a whole new level.

The online coach is now a professional bodybuilder – orange tan and all – and looks well, like a professional bodybuilder, all sinews and shiny muscles.

Recently he competed in a bodybuilding contest and came first.

He said: "10 weeks of dieting, hours in the gym, hours of cardio .. PURE GRIT .. blood, sweat, and no tears (close a few times). To say I’m proud of myself is an understatement."

Amber Davis

The 2017 champ impressed fellow contestants and viewers alike with her sleek dark hair and Welsh charm.

A former dancer and X Factor contestant, Amber, 24, won Love Island with partner Kem Cetinay – an Essex hairdresser.

The pair split and soon after Amber started experimenting with a new look.

She went from brunette to blonde and from reality babe to West End star – she even did a turn in Dolly's Nine to Five in 2019.

Jack Fowler

When Jack Fowler burst onto our screens in 2018 as a latecomer, all the girls were rather taken with his puppy dog charm and fresh face, not to mention his footballer bod.

But in three short years, it appears that Jack, 25, has grown up.

He now sports a manly beard and generally seems a bit more brooding.

Since splitting with Laura Crane, who he paired up with on the show, he is now dating entrepreneur Joanne Baban Morales.

Amber Gill

Amber is a bit of a style chameleon. When we met her in the villa in 2019 she was instantly recognisable for her bouncy ringlets and natural look.

But since winning, Amber, 23, has gone all experimental and has even debuted long blonde tresses, complete with fake lashes and lashings of lipstick.

She has also launched on a fitness journey, releasing her own easy-to-follow workout and diet plan for fans.

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