Lydia Bright proudly shows off stretch marks on her ‘hardworking’ boob from breastfeeding baby Loretta Rose – The Sun

LYDIA Bright has proudly showed off stretch marks on her "hardworking" boob from breastfeeding.

The first-time mum – who gave birth to baby Loretta Rose in February – shared the image with fans admitted she isn't "picture perfect".

Lydia explained: "I set up my tripod to take a cool pic for the gram.

"When I was scrawling through the camera roll to choose the perfect snap I noticed in this pic you could see the stretch marks on my boobs.

"I decided that although this isn’t picture perfect, I am proud of how hard these boobs have worked to feed my baby so I am going to show them off.'

Despite giving birth just three months ago, Lydia has already got her incredible figure back.

She has been showing off her toned abs as she exercises in lockdown – and fans were seriously impressed.

But she did cruelly come under fire for drinking wine while looking after her baby daughter.

Lydia Bright admitted feeling "hungover" and was drinking coke at 5am after enjoying a tipple.

One troll said: "You shouldn't be drinking while looking after your baby. That's abuse, you know."

Lydia later defended herself on Instagram Stories, saying: "After a year of no alcohol, due to being pregnant, I had my first glass of wine this week.

"Last night I had a couple of glasses. I wasn't drunk, falling over and Loretta was in bed.

"I have a small hangover, which is already lifting because clearly my body isn't used to alcohol after such a long time. Give a girl a break!"

In fact Lydia has previously admitted to being a "panicky" new mum who is on constant "high alert" because of coronavirus.

She broke down in tears and spent all night crying after her newborn got conjunctivitis.

The single mum, 30, told her fans how the tot had not been sleeping after getting the nasty eye infection.

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