Love Island girls' raunchy secret sex code revealed as Liberty shocks viewers with X-rated confession

LOVE Island girls' have revealed their secret raunchy sex code afterLiberty Poole shocked viewers with her X-rated confession.

The villa boys left fans cringing earlier this week after Toby Aromolaran  used football analogies to describe his night in the hideaway with Chloe Burrows.

It was now time for the girls to get creative as they made up their own sex code.

In last night's episode, estate agent Faye Winter, 26, enjoyed her second date with hunk Teddy Soares, 26.

Following a romantic bike ride, the love birds sealed the special day with a kiss and confessed that they were happy with the direction of their blossoming romance.

Upon returning to the villa, Faye told the girls that the

Faye exclaimed: "We had the best time, we went on our bike rides and then we had this really beautiful picnic outside this chapel."

Meanwhile the boys quizzed Teddy, Jake asked: "Did you finish with a kiss?"

He replied: "Massive…sloppy one."

The villa beauties were keen to find out what other antics went down, AJ Bunker asked: "Is he the full TP…the total package?"

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Faye responded: "He's a good package, it could do with being a little bit littler if you know what I mean."

Liberty then suggested that the girls create their own sex codes, with Faye saying that an educational NVQ qualification analogy could work.

The girls exclaimed: "Entry Level NVQ 1 is snogging, NVQ 1 is a cheeky sex act, NVQ 2 is oral."

Liberty added: "NVQ 3 is the full shebang."

Kaz Kamwi joked: "I don't think I'm going to be on entry level at this rate."

Blonde beauty Liberty, 21, then opened up to the girls about her bedroom antics with tattooed Brummie Jake Cornish.

The waitress revealed: "I'm NVQ 1, Jake's NVQ 2."

The girls were gobsmacked by Liberty's cheeky confession and erupted into screams of excitement.


Earlier this week, things turned X-rated as Toby, 22 and Chloe, 25, got hot and bothered under the covers.

Toby who plays for non-league Hashtag United told the boys: “The hideaway’s a nice place. I really enjoyed my time there, you know. And that is all.”

When pressed by cricketer Hugo, 24, he added: “It started with a 1-0,
1-0 to me. I brought it back, for a possible handball.

"There were no diving headers unfortunately. After the 1-0 the game had to be cut short.

"The weather wasn’t too good, we had streakers on the pitch, we
had a flooding of the pitch and the pitch had to be abandoned unfortunately.”

Toby dropped some not so subtle hints to what he was referring to, like 1-0 meaning a sex act is performed on one person.

A Header suggests oral sex and a streaker on the pitch may mean full on nudity.

Meanwhile, he teased that a "handball", could refer to another sex act.

ITV2 fans were gobsmacked at Toby's analogies as fans tried to piece it together.

One baffled fan wrote: "Toby just explained that he got a hand job in football terms. So disgusting."

Another shared: "Ewww does streakers and flooding mean something else?? Why is Toby using football to describe his night in the hide away?#loveisland"

Another posted: "Toby's football analogy when talking about the hideaway. 🤮. He's clearly talking about a sex act with that diving header reference."

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