Love Island fans hoping Teddy and Mary couple up after spotting their chemistry

Love Island fans are rooting for Teddy Soares and Mary Bedford to couple up after spotting their incredible “chemistry” during Monday’s episode.

The pair were seen laughing with one another as they discussed their dates with the new bombshells, Aaron and Priya.

Fans took notice of the sparks between the pair and now are calling for the couple to see each other in a romantic light.

“Teddy open your eyes wide and look at how beautiful Mary is! Why are you not hypnotised?” said one viewer.

“Okay hear me out… Mary and Teddy look really good together,” tweeted a second.

“Wait why do I kinda like Mary and Teddy together,” said someone else.

A fourth chimed in to ask: “Sorry did we see the chemistry between Teddy and Mary?”

Another wrote: “Wait hold on why aren’t Teddy and Mary realising that they are each other’s happily ever after? Their chemistry is everything.”

However mystic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman thinks differently.

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After examining the body language of Teddy and Mary, she said: “They both seem very uncertain to me.

“He is an enigma – on the one hand, he smiles at her right in the face, open and hearty, his joy is genuine and plain to see.

“On the other hand, his arm keeps sneaking into the space between the two of them – protecting him and his secrets. What is he hiding?”

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Could it be that Teddy is still too hung up on Faye Winter?

Teddy and Faye were a seemingly strong couple until the pair had an explosive row and Faye called the romance quits.

However, previews for Tuesday's episode have shown that both are having doubts about their breakup and possible lingering feelings.

As for Mary, Inbaal says: “She's tactile and sweet with him, showing her interest with the odd friendly touch.

“But at times she looks down, thinking of her next move. This shows me she's not spontaneous and won't just go with with flow, only if it fits with her strategy.”

“She's also inconsistent with giving him her full attention. Sometimes crossing her legs towards him, and sometimes away from him, she shows hesitancy. She could be waiting for a bigger, better deal.”

Perhaps Mary is too afraid of risking the wrath of Faye, or else is has already set her sights on new boy Aaron.

Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2

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