Love Island 2021 star Aaron Francis refuses to rule out sex on camera – and wants to find his ‘future wife’ in the villa – The Sun

LOVE Island 2021 star Aaron Francis has refused to rule out sex on camera – and wants to find his "future wife" in the villa.

The events host, 24, told The Sun Online that he is willing to get intimate during his stint on the seventh series of the ITV dating show if he has a "strong connection".

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One question on every viewers lips is if the islanders are up for doing the deed on national television – and it looks like Aaron hasn't dismissed the idea.

He confessed: "To be honest with that I do feel like at the end of the day… I haven’t seen the villa, I haven’t gone in etc.

"After a couple of days it will probably just start to feel like normal life. You won’t think about the cameras so much. Saying that you do self consciously know you are going to be on TV.

Aaron continued: "But, I would like to say I wouldn’t go all the way on TV but obviously I don’t know what kind of relationships I am going to get into.

"I don’t know how strong a connection I am going to feel with certain people so I can’t guarantee anything really.

"When two people really, really like each other things happen…

"So yeah I can’t guarantee anything. We will just have to wait and see."

When asked if he's worried about his family watching what he gets up to on the show, he admitted that the only person he feels a bit uneasy about viewing is his younger nephew.

Aaron confessed: "My nephew maybe. Although I am not sure he will watch too much as he’s only nine.

"But I just said to him, I can’t contact you but you may see me on TV. I generally behave quite responsibly anyway.

"Obviously there’s him.. but there is kind of the rest of the country as well!"

The Luxury Events Host, who has worked with a range of famous faces and royals including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, has high hopes for finding The One.

He recently told the Mail that he would like to find his future wife on the dating reality show, as he would love to settle down and start a family one day.

The reality star has been single for eight months and his last relationships were a year long.

The first came to an end because of his studies at university, and the second because of work commitments.

Aaron explained: "Neither of my relationships have ended in a bad way  – no scandals or cheating or going through each other’s phones.

"That is the real bad toxic relationships. Luckily I haven’t had any of that. I like to be as open as possible in a relationship."

Because they were left on good terms, Aaron thinks that they will be okay with watching him cracking on with other girls on telly.

 He said: "I think it’ll be alright. I think they should be. I don’t know how they are feeling or how they felt when they saw the announcement.

"If it is going to make you uncomfortable or create animosity I would prefer for their personal wellbeing that they didn’t watch it. I can’t really help that. I’ve got to do my thing and see what happens.

Love Island starts on Monday 28th June on ITV2 at 9pm and on ITV Hub.

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