Lorraine Kelly issues apology over Coronation Street star marriage mistake So sorry!

Lorraine Kelly apologises for saying Georgia Taylor is married

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Lorraine was hoping to get all of the gossip from the cobbles as she spoke to Georgia about her character Toyah Battersby, who is currently fighting for custody of baby Alfie with partner Imran Habeeb (played by Charlie de Melo). However, as Lorraine reflected on Georgia’s career, she accidentally claimed the actress was married to her partner Mark Letheren.

Lorraine remarked: “We saw you in Law and Order, we saw you in Blackpool, and of course we saw you in Casualty, so many other things that you did.

“I mean it’s great to have you back and I love the fact that in Casualty, you know you always make friends on set, that’s where you met your husband, which is rather lovely.

“The two of you being in sort of the same job, it’s really nice that.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re actually not married but we practically are because we’ve been together so long,” Georgia replied.

Lorraine apologised: “Oh I’m so sorry! I keep doing this!”

“That’s okay,” Georgia reassured her. “We met, he was a sort of semi-regular character, he was playing a councillor ironically, which is then what Toyah ended up doing.

“We met, gosh 13 years ago. So yeah, got him out of the job and lots of friends and it was a really good time.”

Lorraine added: “I’m so sorry I keep marrying people off. I don’t mean it, I just keep doing it. I just assume.”

Georgia met partner Mark when they were working on Casualty together.

The 51-year-old is known for his role as Simon Kitson in The Bill and Ds Kevin Geoffries in Wire in the Blood.

The couple do not have any children together and they keep their relationship pretty private.

Elsewhere in the interview, Georgia touched on the return of Spider (played Martin Hancock) to Coronation Street.

Lorraine exclaimed: “I’m so excited about this! The return of Spider because didn’t the two of you way back, you started off around the same time?”

“Yeah, Martin who plays Spider, he started just a few months later than me and then we worked together for a good sort of three years,” Georgia shared.

“It was mainly Toyah was infatuated with him and following him around like a puppy dog and he was like ‘Oh no, she’s a bit too young and let’s be friends,’ and very nurturing.

“Eventually they did get together and then he left. Then the character of Spider came back to take Toyah away when I left the show in 2003.

“They left as a couple but obviously in all that time off screen, they didn’t stay together.

“We’re saying they haven’t seen each other for about 17 years so yeah, it’s going to be interesting.”

Could Spider return and ask Toyah to reunite with him as her relationship with Imran is on the rocks?

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV from 9am and Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm.

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