Lorraine Kelly is too terrified to get Botox or surgery over 'addiction' fears – like reality stars who ‘look the same’

DESPITE enduring decades of early rises to host breakfast television, Lorraine Kelly remains as fresh-faced as ever.

The 61-year-old is used to getting up at silly o'clock to host her own daily show on ITV – whether it's grilling politicians or finding out the latest fashion trends.

But in an exclusive interview with The Sun, Lorraine says she's never been tempted to go under the knife or even try a nip and tuck in her 35 years on television.

Instead she puts her ageless looks down to good genes – and taking her make-up off every night.

In fact, seeing botched ops while presenting 'Lorraine' has made her too terrified to get Botox or plastic surgery.

She jokes there would be chance of getting addicted like reality stars who "all look the same" after fillers.

"I've never had anything done, I'm too scared," Lorraine admits.

"I think it's because over the years we've had so many items on the show that have gone wrong and unfortunately people have ended up looking like someone out of Star Trek or like they're caught in a wind tunnel.

"I really don't want to do that.

"Also, I always think, it's like if you get a new carpet in your house and you go 'oh my god the furniture looks old, and I probably need new wallpaper..'

"I feel like you'd get your eyes done and then you'll think 'oh I'll get my nose, my chin…" 

"Where do you stop? Then everybody looks the same.

"I see all these girls on Instagram from reality shows and they all look the same. I'm like 'you're beautiful, don't touch your beautiful, gorgeous face!' You don't want to look like everyone else, that's crazy."

The ex-columnist for The Sun Lorraine admits to often not getting enough sleep and overindulging on alcohol – especially in lockdown.

But alongside her key beauty hacks, she insists having a positive outlook on life that can help the ageing process.

"My wee mum is 80 but she looks at least two decades younger," said Lorraine.

"I don't sleep enough, I go to bed far too late and I drink too much and have too much to eat – especially during the pandemic – we've all been guilty of that.

"I don't look after myself as much as I could, but I do try. One thing I do do is make sure I take all of my make-up off every night.

"And since I was a little girl I've always put on loads of moisturiser. You don't have to spend a fortune, just get it on your body."

"This sounds a bit 'Mary Poppins', but just trying to see the best in things helps.

"And also about being curious to learn more and being open to new ideas.

"Keeping up to date, that all helps as well. It's all to do with your attitude.

"I still feel about 12! I'm still wondering what I'm going to do when I grow up."

Since joining GMTV in 1993, Lorraine now celebrates being among ITV's daytime presenters who are over 50 – including Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway.

But would seeing older women on telly been the norm when she started out in 1983?

"Not in a million years," says Lorraine, who has been backing Booking.com’s #RivalsReUnited campaign for the Euros.

"That wouldn't have happened when I first joined the industry.

"That's why it's so important we get women in positions of power.

"If you look at daytime, our boss Emma and our huge boss Caroline are both women.

"The more women you get in power then the more diverse generally it becomes.

"Of course you're not going to get people 'oh she's 21, she's going to have to go'.

"I think the days of an old man telling a tiny wee woman what to do, are gone.

"To be fair, even 35 years ago no one has ever said to me 'lose weight, or look like this…'

"I wasn't hired for the way I looked, it was about the work I'd done on local newspapers and working my way up.

"It's all about being relatable. I'm just like everybody else. That's really important.

"The people I work for and with are by and large, women. You don't get that anymore – a middle aged man who wants someone in they can fancy in the way you might have had 35 years ago. And thank the lord…"

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