Lisa Vanderpump, 60, gets a PENIS tattooed on her chest by Steve-O during wild dinner on her show Overserved

LISA Vanderpump got a temporary tattoo of a penis inked on her chest during a wild episode of Overserved.

The RHOBH alum, 60, let her dinner guest, Jackass star Steve-O, draw the phallic shape on her with blue marker after losing a bet.

Lisa, Steve-O, 46, and comedian Margaret Cho, 52, had to race across Lisa's pool on giant floats while using a ladle to row in an Olympics-style game.

Steve-O triumphed and got the chance to ink the X-rated tattoo on Lisa's chest.

She said, "I think I'd rather have it on my chest than my face," before asking despairingly: "How did I get into this mess?"

Steve later evened out the score by snorting chilli powder, as Lisa looked on gleefully.

The Bravo star quipped: "I feel so much better about the d*** on my chest."

Earlier in the show, Steve-O recalled the gross moment he knew his girlfriend Lux Wright was the one for him.

As the trio tucked into a delicious Greek-style spread, he warned: "I'm sorry. This isn't really table conversation."

Lisa prompted: "Go ahead."

He explained that he knew Lux was special because she didn't flinch while filming him defecating on an industrial fan in a segment called "The S*** Hits The Fan.

Steve-O recalled how Lux "kept filming" and even "moved in for a better shot" to capture him relieving himself after not going to the toilet for three days.

Meanwhile, earlier this week Lisa reportedly sent her former BFF Kyle Richards her $132 bill when they both dined at the same LA hotspot.

According to TMZ, Lisa sent the bill to Kyle's table as a prank when they were both dining at SHU in LA.

Kyle was with a Bravo executive producer, who also worked on Lisa's E! show, Overserved, and she was with her husband, Todd.

Lisa made sure to leave her credit card information and cash tip if Kyle didn't receive the joke fondly, and she indeed refused to pay her former costar's bill.

Lisa recently told HollywoodLife she was battling depression while on RHOBH: “I found it very difficult, a dark hole to walk out of.

“Grief does take a while, but you do get through it, and things start to get better and even on Housewives.

"All of the fighting, it’s just not something I kind of look for and wanted to do with my life.”

The Bravolebrities' friendship took a turn for the worst during season nine when Kyle confronted Lisa for leaking a story about their mutual frenemy Dorit Kemsley and a puppy adopted from Vanderpump Dogs.

This past December Lisa and Kyle also ran into each other at Shu.

The onlooker told Life & Style: “It’s a small restaurant, so they were just a few tables apart.”

“Everyone was looking at them. It was like waiting for a bomb to go off. “You could cut the tension with a knife."

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