Kim Kardashian 'infuriated' after Kanye West 'tells pals she is only bluffing about divorce,' source claims

KIM Kardashian is said to be "infuriated" after Kanye told pals she is only bluffing about their divorce, a source has claimed.

The reality star, 40, filed for divorce last week, her rep confirmed to The Sun.

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However many of her friends and family were shocked by the move as they know how much she loves Kanye, 43, and never wanted to call it quits on their marriage, the insider said.

Some of her circle even believe that the divorce may not even go through – as Kim would be willing to give it another shot if Kanye changed his ways, according to the source.

A source alleged to The Sun: "Kim had visited the idea of divorce so many times that she already had the paperwork drawn-up and ready to go, when she finally actually filed.

"The move came as a bit of a surprise to her family because they know how much she loves Kanye and knew she didn't really want to go through with it. They all knew she felt she had no choice.

"Some closest to the family feel this isn't Kim definitely calling it quits, this is more a strategic move to make Kanye wake-up and see that he could lose her if she doesn't change.

"She wants him to step up and be the husband and father she is asking him to be.

"But sadly, the bold move doesn't seem to be getting the response she was hoping for.

"Kanye is apparently telling friends Kim is bluffing about the divorce and that their marriage isn't really over. Kim is infuriated.

"She felt he would take it seriously and instead he is confiding in friends he knows what she is up to.

"Kanye shares everything with his entourage of childhood friends and he talks to his own family for support. They are his biggest support through difficult times, they all stand behind him.

"That makes it very hard for Kim because he doesn't turn to Kim and her family for help.

"The Kardashian family usually likes to be in charge but that is close to impossible with Kanye. He has his own plans."

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star finally filed divorce papers on Friday and is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's four kids.

It followed months of speculation that the pair split and the stars are believed to have prenup agreements protecting their separate billion-dollar fortunes.

The source added that Kim truly wants the best for everyone and wants any divorce to be amicable.

"Kim isn't coming from a bad place. She truly wants the best for everyone but it seems to be backfiring.

"When Kim and Kanye argued in the past he also threatened divorce on several occasions, so some of her friends told her if someone was going to file she needed to file first. It meant she held the power in the end.

"At this point, the Kardashian family members aren't even sure the divorce will really happen. They feel if Kanye respects Kim's wishes, she can retract the paperwork and they can remain married.

"Some family and friends are saying this relationship is far from over. They believe there is a rollercoaster ahead."

It comes after The Sun revealed how Kanye allegedly tried to sell some of Kim's jewelry days before the divorce.

Reps for Kim and Kanye did not respond to requests for comment.

Previously a source close to Kim has insisted their divorce is amicable.

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