Keith Lemon hints Holly Willoughby’s replacement could be Michelle Keegan as he gears up for her final Celebrity Juice – The Sun

KEITH Lemon has hinted Holly Willoughby's replacement on Celebrity Juice could be Michelle Keegan.

The comic is gearing up for Holly's final Celebrity Juice tonight since quitting after 12 years on the show.

Keith admitted he was shocked by Holly's departure before revealing he's in talks about who should take over.

He said on Good Morning Britain today: "I'm in meetings today to talk about who will replace Holly. We need to find someone with the right chemistry.

"A lot of names have been mentioned. Michelle Keegan is one, she's a lovely lady, but nobody has been chosen yet."

Actress Michelle, 32, has competition from Britain's Got Talent star Amanda Holden who is desperate to be in the hot seat.

The mum-of-two told the Huff Post she was "up for anything", adding: “I would love it, but it is hard work because they film for blinking hours. I remember when I filled in for Holly, I was like “Yeah! I’ll come and do that”.”

Announcing she was stepping down as team captain this week, Holly shared a collection of her best times with Keith on Instagram and wrote how "all good things must come to an end".

She said: "Thank you @celebjuiceofficial for 12 years of fantastic chaos… I can’t quite believe what we’ve done and how quick that time has gone.

"Thank you to you all for watching.. we’ve always had the loudest and best audiences.

"…it’s never felt like work and always been to me like a night out… Thank you for all your ingenious ideas and hard work… all good things must come to an end and nothing lasts forever…

Holly told her yet to be named successor they were in for an incredible time.

She continued: "It’s time for me to hand over my team captain seat to some lucky lucky person… whoever that is, know you are about to get one of the best jobs in telly working with one of comedies finest… @keithlemon …

"Where to begin… I remember starting this journey with you and saying ‘I think this might work’… my goodness me it did… three friends, you me and @fearnecotton … and that is what is at the heart of it.. friendship…

"I love the bones of you Lemon! Thank you for making me laugh for twelve years… I’ll be back as a guest and just to make sure someone is keeping you in check… if I don’t see you through a week or next week or the week after… know you are always in my heart…."

The TV presenter, 39, who has three children with her producer husband Dan Baldwin, 45, wants to spend more time with her family.

Leigh Francis posted a touching tribute to the star on his alias Keith Lemon’s Instagram page.

He wrote: “Love this woman. What an incredible sport. Always willing to get her hands dirty and join in.

“One of the boys but all woman. A wicked sense of humour and very easy to look at.

“Don’t look into her eyes though, ’cos she can make you do anything. What a lady! King of the ladies!

“The queen of the milk beasts! The one and only @hollywilloughby face of an angel but can have the potty mouth of . . . well me I guess.

"Super rad! Super nice! My mate!

“I salute all your wonderfulness. Massive hugs.”

Holly replied: “Aww . . .  what a lovely thing to say . . .  love you Lemon.”

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