Katie Price's boyfriend Carl Woods gets SECOND tattoo of her face and his own hand tattooed on his arm

KATIE Price's fiancé Carl Woods has had his SECOND tattoo of her face tattooed on his arm.

The star's loved-up beau went under the needle on holiday in Turkey this week.

He showed off the artwork he was having done, showing his fiance's face covered by what appeared to be his own hand.

He told fans: "Walked down the street seen the tattoo parlour and was like let's get a little tattoo mate.

"Now I'm getting half a sleeve done."

Katie, 42, and Carl, 32, already have tattoos of one another's smiling faces.

The Sun first revealed the smitten couple had the huge tattoos inked on their arms back in October – as Katie said they'll be together "forever".

In a video on their YouTube page the loved-up pair inspected the finished body art as they peeled off the protective cellophane to reveal the replica drawings of their faces.

Katie gasped: "Can you believe that? That is us, sitting there."

Carl added: "Mine is bigger than yours … I might get the hair done in colour. Now we've got matching cars, matching plates … and matching tattoos."

During the chat Katie also revealed she wanted to marry Carl.

She added: "Do you really want me to be Mrs Woods?" and Carl replied: "Yeah!"

The pair are now set to be married and are keen to walk down the aisle soon in order to allow her terminally ill mum to attend.

Amy, 64, suffers from idopathic pulmonary fibrosis and is holding out hope for a lung transplant.

She's permanently on home oxygen therapy, and only has 32 per cent lung capacity left.

Amy constantly feels out of breath, and can no longer be as active as she once was.

Katie recently said Amy turned to the British Lung Foundation for support and advice and was told to make the most of the time she has left.

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